Cosmic Dust
Cosmic Dust

Cosmic Dust

Cosmic Dust

Dust/Storm of Annihilation

Cosmic Dust, now there’s a realm that’s as mysterious as it is mesmerising. Situated on the very fringe of the Storm of Annihilation, bordering the unfathomable depths of Negative Energy, it’s a place of both awe and dread. The chant on the wind says Cosmic Dust is nothing but the remnants of stars that have met their end, ground to dust by forces beyond mortal ken. How these celestial remnants end up in Cosmic Dust is a puzzle that’d twist even the sharpest cutter’s brain-box into knots, mind.

Some berks reckon that Cosmic Dust ain’t just the graveyard of stars but the very source of the stuff that makes them up in the first place. They say it’s what allows stars to crumble and die, seeding the cosmos with new life and new mysteries. It’s a poetic notion, ain’t it? The cycle of creation and destruction, all beginning and ending in the same cosmic dustbin.

Now, the high-up who calls this place home is Siegfried, the Herald of Cosmic Dust (proxy monitor figher [he/him] / LG). He’s a monitor, which is a creature like a winged centaur, but with skin shimmering like silver. Siegfried’s a mournful sort, greeting travellers with his sorrowful calls that echo the lament of dying stars. It’s a haunting sound, one that is sure to stick with you long after you’ve left the realm.

Then there’s Rukhi, the Second Herald (proxy astereater [she/her] / CN)—imagine a cross between a giant beholder and an asteroid and you’re not far off—and a force to be reckoned with. She’s a chaotic entity, embodying the unpredictable nature of the cosmos itself. Her rivalry with Zumuzst is the stuff of legend, a clash of cosmic proportions, you might say. But Rukhi’s got a softer side too, entangled in a love affair with Anzu of the Dust Pantheon. It’s a relationship as volatile as it is passionate, reflecting the tumultuous nature of the realm they inhabit.

The question of course, is which power these two proxies are serving. For some reason, these bloods aren’t prepared to talk about it. Chant goes it could be Myrkul, the now-dead poet of Death from Toril. Or perhaps it’s Pharasma, the goddess of fate, and the circle of life from Golarion. Both of these powers are normally more interested in mortals, but perhaps the life and death of stars is also an interest. But why the secrecy? Nobody knows.

Adventure Hook:

  • The Echoes of the First Star: The party is hired to investigate a mysterious signal emanating from the heart of Cosmic Dust. As they journey through the realm, they discover the signal is an echo from the first star that ever existed. Delving deeper, they must navigate philosophical dilemmas about the nature of existence and the universe’s origins. The twist? The signal is actually a cosmic entity’s attempt to communicate its loneliness, being the first and oldest being in existence.

Source: Rip van Wormer, Jon Winter-Holt,

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