The Dust Seller
The Dust Seller

The Dust Seller

Enton LaFarge, the Dust Seller

Enton LaFarge, Dust Seller

The story of Enton LaFarge, the Dust Seller, is a tale of love, loss, and survival against the bleakest of odds.

Originally a Prime, Enton found himself in the Plane of Dust, not by choice, but by a cruel twist of fate. He was once a master thief, a slick and shadowy figure who could pilfer a dream without waking the dreamer. His heart got tangled up with a wizard’s daughter, a lass who had given him her love—or maybe he’d stolen her heart. Driven by passion, he dared to break into the manor of her mother, a famous and powerful wizard, to whisk his love away. But, as is often the case in such tales, things went gehreleth-shaped.

Enton encountered a guardian, a dust quasi-elemental, bonded to his love’s door. In the scuffle that followed, tragedy struck. His love was disintegrated by the very creature meant to protect her. Overcome by rage and grief, the wizard banished Enton to the Plane of Dust, hoping he’d meet a fate as dusty and desolate as his actions.

But Enton didn’t meet his end in the Plane of Dust. No, the planes had something else in store for him. He was scooped up by a dao slaving expedition. Call it luck, call it fate, but Enton managed to escape, and he didn’t leave empty-handed. He left with survival gear that would make most planewalkers green with envy.

In the Plane of Dust, Enton became a dustwalker of great repute. He learned to trade with the dustmen and mephits, dealing in all sorts of magical dust. He became the go-to cutter for those in need of dust of disappearance, and more illicit substances. His name became synonymous with reliability in an otherwise unreliable plane. Darker whisper, however, say that he also sells more nefarious powders, illicit substances like pesh and other mind-altering drugs.

Enton’s Dark, as it’s whispered in the corners of taverns and across the planes, is a tale that serves as a reminder of the razor’s edge upon which fate balances. It’s a tale of a cutter who, despite being dealt a rotten hand, managed to play his cards right and survive in a plane where survival is as rare as a truthful fiend.

A Sample of the Dust Seller’s Wares

In the Inner Planes, magic dust ain’t just your ordinary sprinkle of fairy fluff. It’s potent stuff, each type brimming with its own peculiar enchantment. Anton claims that all these dusts are naturally occurring and gathered on the plane of Dust in ethical and sustainable conditions. But who can say, berk—it’s known that the dao have notoriously terrible slave mines and indentured wizards. Let the buyer beware.

  • Dust of Disappearance: This stuff is a favorite among sneaks and shadow-dwellers. Sprinkle a bit of this on yourself, and poof! You’re as invisible as a ghost in a fog. Perfect for those times when you need to make a quiet exit or just sneak past a berk you’d rather not chinwag with.
  • Dust of Dryness: Ever need to make a lake disappear into a marble? Sounds barmy, right? But that’s exactly what Dust of Dryness does. One pinch can suck up enough water to fill a bathtub. Handy for those soggy situations where you need to stay dry or make a quick escape across a moat.
  • Dust of Sneezing and Choking: This one’s a bit of a nasty trick, cutter. Toss it in the air, and anyone who breathes it in starts sneezing and choking like they’ve inhaled a cloud of razorvine pollen. It’s a distraction, a nuisance, and sometimes a lifesaver when you need to cause a bit of chaos.
  • Pixie Dust: Now, this a sprinkle of this, and you’re soaring through the air like a bird. Whether it is made from real pixies or not, Enton isn’t saying.
  • Dust of Illusion: Fancy casting an illusion without all the fuss of spellcasting? Dust of Illusion’s your answer. Throw it into the air, and it conjures up an image from your imagination. It’s like painting with magic – great for a distraction or to add flair to your tall tales.
  • Stardust: Now, here’s a rare find. Said to be ground from actual stars, Stardust has the power to enhance other magical effects or create spectacular, albeit temporary, enchantments. Some say it even holds the secrets of the cosmos, if you know how to read it.
  • Ash of Etherealness: Not exactly dust, but close enough. This ash, when scattered around, can shift you to the Ethereal Plane, making you untouchable and invisible to those in the material world. Great for a quick getaway or to pass through walls and doors like they ain’t even there.
  • Dust of Timelessness: This is for when you want to put something on ice, metaphorically speakin’. Sprinkle it on an object, and time stops for whatever it’s dusted on. Perfect for preserving something important or halting the decay of a perishable item. Or an unlucky colleague. Just don’t go thinking it’ll stop your own clock from ticking, it has no effect on living creatures.
  • Dream Dust: Now, here’s a trippy one. Dream Dust can plunge you into a deep sleep filled with vivid dreams. It’s said that these dreams can be prophetic, or at least reveal deep truths from your subconscious. Just be wary, cutter, sometimes what you see in these dreams ain’t always pleasant.
  • Dust of Obscuring: Want to make a quick getaway or hide in plain sight? This dust creates a thick, obscuring mist around you. It’s like walking with your own personal cloud, obscuring you from prying eyes. Great for sneaky types or when you need to vanish in a pinch.
  • Dust of Tracelessness: Ideal for those who don’t want to leave a trail. This dust erases tracks and other signs of passage, making it seem like you vanished into thin air. Bounty hunters and trackers hate this stuff, but it’s a godsend for those on the run.
  • Glitterdust: A bit flashier, this dust not only sparkles brilliantly, but it can also reveal invisible creatures and objects, sticking to them like glitter at a festhall. It’s a double-edged sword, though; while it reveals others, it makes it hard for you to hide as well.
  • Dust of Silence: A boon for those needing a moment of absolute quiet. This dust creates a sphere of silence, perfect for secret conversations or stopping spellcasters who need to speak to weave their magic. It’s like a mute button for the world around you.
  • Dust of Disintegration: Now this is the heavy artillery. This dust can disintegrate objects, and sometimes creatures, into nothing but, well, dust. Handle with care, berk, because this stuff doesn’t discriminate between friend and foe, and you might lose a finger, or worse.

Source: Rip van Wormer, Jon Winter-Holt,

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