Great Vortex
Great Vortex

Great Vortex

The Great Vortex

Dust / Core Dust

Few phenomena are as awe-inspiring and perilous as the Great Vortex, a gateway to the enigmatic Plane of Vacuum. This colossal vortex is a marvel and a menace, a swirling maelstrom of cosmic forces that captivates and terrifies in equal measure.

At the heart of the Great Vortex is its most striking feature: the spiralling dance of dust as it is inexorably drawn into the void. This mesmerising spectacle is a swirling curtain that shrouds the passage to nothingness. For travellers navigating Core Dust, the vortex presents a significant hazard. Its gravitational pull is relentless, capable of ensnaring the unwary and dragging them into the depths of the Plane of Vacuum. This makes it a notorious spot for planar navigators, a place to be approached with caution and respect.

The Plane of Vacuum, the destination of this great channel, is the very embodiment of absence—a realm devoid of matter, energy, and even sound. It’s a plane of unfathomable emptiness, contrasting starkly with the materiality of other planes. Survival there is a near impossibility; without air, pressure, or substance, only the most powerful magics and preparations can sustain life, making it a domain reserved for the bravest or most foolhardy of explorers.

The Great Vortex is not just a physical phenomenon but also a focal point for philosophical and mystical studies. Mages and scholars are drawn to its enigmatic nature, seeking to unravel the arcane secrets it might hold. Philosophers, on the other hand, ponder the vortex’s deeper meaning. It is often seen as a metaphor for the void within or the inevitable end of all existence, a cosmic symbol of ultimate entropy where all things cease to be. 


(human sorcerer [she/her] / Fraternity of Order / N)

Calistra, known by planewalkers and mephits alike as “The Seeker of the Void” if a sorcerer of considerable prowess, and a planar explorer with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Her fascination with the Great Vortex is not merely academic. It’s a deep, visceral need to comprehend what lies at the intersection of existence and non-existence. She’s braved the perilous conditions of the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Dust, establishing her research station at the very edge of conceivable reality. Here, amidst the swirling sands and ominous silence, Calistra delves into her studies with a fervour that borders on obsession. 

The unpredictable patterns of the vortex are a constant source of wonder and danger. Calistra’s days are spent in meticulous observation, her nights in deep contemplation of the philosophical implications of this gateway to void. She ponders the nature of entropy, the essence of nothingness, and the limits of planar existence. Her findings are not just scientific; they are meditations on the very nature of reality.

Despite her solitary pursuit, Calistra is not quite a recluse. Her interactions with various factions, especially the Doomguard, have been mutually beneficial. Her generosity with her findings has, in the past, made her a beacon for those who seek to understand the vortex’s mysteries. However, the constant exposure to the vortex and its enigmatic energies is starting to take a toll on Calistra’s physical and mental health. Her obsession begins to manifest as a gradual erosion of her sanity, mirroring the entropic forces she studies. This fascination teeters on the edge of a dangerous desire to become one with the nothingness she studies, risking her existence in the process.

Source: Rip van Wormer, Jon Winter-Holt,

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