Smoke Powder
Smoke Powder

Smoke Powder

Smoke Powder

Dust / Sands

Smoke Powder, now there’s a burg on the plane of Dust that’s as volatile as it is mysterious. It lies in the Sands, where the realms of Ash, Dust, and Fire come together like old witches around a cauldron, each adding their own bit to the stew. It’s a place where the ground itself is treacherous, ready to explode at a harsh word or a careless step.

The Giff, those hippo-like bashers with a penchant for the boom and the bang, they hold Smoke Powder dear to their big, beating hearts. They reckon it’s the promised land, a paradise where the souls of their bravest and boldest find their rest. And who’s to say they’re wrong? On the Planes, belief’s as strong as the strongest stone, and if the Giff reckon it’s paradise, then paradise it is, at least to them.

But paradise or no, Smoke Powder’s no less dangerous. The realm doesn’t bend to the whims of souls or sentiment. It’s as deadly as it is divine, a place where even the bravest cutter might think twice before lighting a torch, match, or even slamming a door too hard.

And then there’s the spiders, or spider-like forms, as the tale goes. They come and go in droves, entering and leaving Smoke Powder like it’s Sigil’s Market Ward. What they’re up to, no one’s quite sure. Are they natives, custodians of this explosive realm? Or just visitors, drawn to its power like moths to a flame? That’s a mystery yet to be solved.

Adventure Hooks

  • The Spider Enigma: A planar scholar enlists the party to study the mysterious spider-like creatures frequenting Smoke Powder. The adventurers must track the creatures’ movements, discover their purpose, and survive the realm’s explosive nature. The spiders could be the guardians of an ancient secret or the key to stabilising the realm’s volatility.
  • The Ashen Relic: Legend speaks of a powerful artefact lost in the depths of Smoke Powder, capable of controlling or enhancing the realm’s explosive forces. The party must retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands, facing the realm’s inherent dangers and competing treasure hunters.

Source: Rip van Wormer, Jon Winter-Holt,

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