Alu Kahn Sang
Alu Kahn Sang

Alu Kahn Sang

Alu Kahn Sang

The Wind of Destruction

(Lord of Dust Quasielementals [he/him] / CE)

Alu Kahn Sang, the Wind of Destruction, is a figure of immense power and fury from the raw heart of the Elemental Chaos of Dust. He is not just an entity but a force of nature, manifesting as a country-sized dust storm capable of erasing life as swiftly as it erases footprints in the sand. This primordial being, with a tempest’s heart and a mind steeped in madness, leads a legion of dust quasielementals in a relentless campaign of havoc and destruction.

Surviving the cataclysmic Dawn War by sheer force of will, Alu Kahn Sang’s wrath was so potent that he breached the gates of the heavens, unleashing his fury upon the Astral Sea. It took the combined efforts of the deities Khala and her son Kord to repel the living storm back into the confines of the Elemental Chaos. Despite this setback, Alu Kahn Sang was not subdued; he is one of the few primordials who remain unchained, a remnant of a bygone era of ancient conflicts, still nursing a grudge against the gods who now reign supreme.

Now, Alu Kahn Sang is the embodiment of retribution and seeks vengeance against the gods, drawing to his side elementals of every kind—though their allegiance is as tenuous as the sands that compose his form. His followers, like himself, are volatile and deadly, their loyalty as fleeting as the dust that swirls in his wake. They are drawn to his promise of power, but they serve at their peril, for the Wind of Destruction is indiscriminate in his wrath, as likely to consume his allies as his enemies.

Although this primordial might occasionally deign to communicate with mortals, his interests lie far beyond their mundane struggles. Alu Kahn Sang’s voice, when it is heard, roars through shard-storm vortexes, calling forth those who would seek to harness the raw and untamed might of elemental power. Those who heed this call find themselves entwined with forces that are as likely to tear them asunder as to elevate them, for the Wind of Destruction is a patron of chaos, as unpredictable as the storms that rage at his command.

Canonical Source: Heroes of Elemental Chaos [4e] p30

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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