Dustbowl God
Dustbowl God

Dustbowl God

The Dustbowl God

(Demipower of Happenings [It/They/Them] / N)

Realm: Dust / Core Dust / The Dustbowl

The Dustbowl God is a deity of profound peculiarity and paradox, an entity whose very essence is the substance of its domain. This vast sentience is not confined to a single form but exists as a collective consciousness spread across trillions of dust motes, each particle a fragment of its greater whole. It is both the god and the realm, a deity that is as much a part of its plane as the plane is a part of it.

Within its dusty expanse, the Dustbowl God is the puppeteer of every grain and gale, a master of the minuscule orchestrating the dance of dust with a will that is both unified and divided amongst itself. It’s a schemer of the highest order, its thoughts a cyclone of plots and plans, each intent on extending its dominion beyond the boundaries of its dusty sphere.

Towards the Prime and other planes, the Dustbowl God now casts its gaze. It seeks to exert its influence and decree itself as the Lord of All Happenings. It is—They are—a power with ambitions as vast as the cosmos, desiring to dictate the destiny of all, to weave the fabric of reality into a tapestry that it alone controls.

The Ministers of Coincidence Control are its proxies, ethereal and enigmatic extensions of its will. They are akin to the Rilmani, and some believe they may have been derived from these equilibrists of the planes. These Ministers operate under the belief that they hold the reins of every conspiracy, the architects of coincidence, shaping events with the deftness of their psionic abilities. In their ethereal forms, they are unseen movers, the invisible hands guiding the chaos of chance into the order of their god’s design.

As for the true nature of the Dustbowl God, that’s a subject shrouded in as much mystery as a dust storm on the horizon. Some whisper it might be an ascended dust elemental, others suggest it could be akin to an Athasian sorcerer-king who has evolved beyond the bounds of mortality. Or perhaps it is something else entirely, a being beyond the typical categorisations, born of the plane’s unique properties and shaped by its endless expanse of dust.

[The scope of this power’s real influence on the Prime and other realms is a matter left to the discretion of the DM—it could just be a self-deluded demipower. But make no mistake, the Dustbowl God is a force as pervasive as the dust it embodies, a deity whose whispers carry on the winds of countless worlds, shaping events with the subtlest of shifts in the sands of reality.]

Source: Rip van Wormer, Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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