Spring of Poetry
Spring of Poetry

Spring of Poetry

The Spring of Poetry

Sacred site of Oghma of the Celtic Pantheon

Location: Outlands / Tir no Og / House of Knowledge

Hidden away within Oghma’s House of Knowledge, the Spring of Poetry is a haven where the art of verse, the beauty of prose, and the power of words are celebrated and revered. This spring is not purely a source of water; it’s a font of creativity, inspiration, and poetic expression, where every drop’s steeped in the verse of a thousand bards gone by.

Nestled in a nook that’s greener than a green dragon’s hide, the Spring is a tranquil, luminescent pool nestled in a grove where the trees themselves seem to hum with lyrical whispers. The waters of the Spring of Poetry shimmer with a soft, otherworldly light, reflecting the myriad colors of the surrounding flora. The air here is thick with the musings of poets past and present, each ripple on the water’s surface carrying echoes of sonnets, odes, and epics.

Approaching the spring and inhaling the feels changes a berk’s perspective; their thoughts turns to verse, the mundane world slips away, leaving only the rhythm and flow of poetry. Their speech patterns change, becoming rhythmic and metered. Their every word becomes a metaphor.

Drinking from the Spring of Poetry is an experience of transformation. It imbues the drinker with a profound sense of linguistic beauty and a deep connection to the rhythmic pulse of the universe. Poets, bards, and storytellers from across the planes are drawn to the waters in search of the perfect line, the ultimate stanza, or the key to unlock the stories that lie dormant in their hearts.

The waters bestow upon the drinker an uncanny ability to weave words together in ways that capture the complexity of emotions, the beauty of the natural world, and the depths of the human experience. For a time, those who partake of the spring find that their speech and writing are imbued with a compelling eloquence and a newfound depth of insight.

The grove surrounding the spring is often filled with those who have drunk from its waters, reciting their new works to the accompaniment of the gentle lapping of the pool. Here, new poems are born, stories are woven, and epics are conceived, as the spring’s influence turns even the most hesitant speaker into a master of words.

The Spring of Poetry also bestows visions, but unlike those of the Spring of Knowledge, these are visions of metaphor and allegory, challenging the drinker to interpret and express them through poetic form. But here’s the dark: the Spring of Poetry doesn’t just hand you the words on a silver platter. Oh no, it’s a bit more cagey than that. It fills your brain-box with metaphors and riddles, turning your thoughts into a maze more twisted than the Hive Ward. It’s up to you, cutter, to untangle that knot and spin those thoughts into poetry that’ll make the stones weep and the birds sigh.

In the grand scheme of things, this spring’s a bright jewel in Oghma’s crown. It’s a spot where the power of the word is celebrated, where the art of the verse is more than just scribbles on a page—it’s the stuff of legend, the kind of chant that keeps on echoing through the planes, long after the last word’s been spoken.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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