Song’s Joy
Song’s Joy

Song’s Joy

Song’s Joy

Realm town of the House of Knowledge

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og / House of Knowledge

The village of Song’s Joy, nestled in the House of Knowledge in Tir na Og, is a place where the joy of learning and the beauty of artistry blend harmoniously. This enchanting village is as much a tribute to the muses and bards as it is to scholars and sages, embodying Oghma’s love for all forms of knowledge and expression. The chant goes that the village isn’t a place; it’s a living, breathing ode to the art of song and the magic of knowledge.

As you wander through Song’s Joy, the buildings themselves seem to sing. The architecture is an impossible blend of musical instruments and organic growth – lute-shaped houses with walls of smooth, polished wood, windows like the f-holes of violins, drum-like cottages, and harp-strung bridges spanning gently flowing musical streams. The roofs are thatched with a grass that changes colour with the music around it, shifting from vibrant greens to radiant blues and passionate reds.

The air in Song’s Joy is always filled with a symphony of ethereal sounds that seem to emanate from nowhere and everywhere. Instruments played by unseen hands create a soundscape that is both haunting and uplifting. The melodies carry a touch of otherworldliness, echoing not just through the village but through the minds and hearts of all who hear them.

In the heart of the village, the amphitheater is a grand structure made of swirling marble that shifts in colour and form with the performances it hosts. Here, the bard’s tales and musician’s songs come to life, their stories and notes manifesting as vivid, spectral images that dance in the air, enchanting the audience with a display of sound and visual magic.

The villagers themselves are an eclectic mix of fey folk, petitioners, muses, wandering bards, and scholars from other realms. Some have eyes that sparkle with the light of the stars, others have voices that can mimic any sound in nature, and some move with a grace that defies the laws of physics.

Nearby, the Whispering Woods are even more mystical. The trees here are tall and ancient, their leaves shimmering in a multitude of colors. The wind through their branches carries whispers of ancient knowledge and forgotten tales. These trees are known to occasionally uproot and relocate, rearranging the woods in patterns that mirror constellations or musical notes.

Festivals are frequent in Song’s Joy, celebrating the changing seasons, celestial events, or simply the joy of life itself. These festivals are marked by grand parades, concerts, and feasts, with villagers and visitors alike sharing in the merriment. The Village of Song’s Joy also serves as a restful haven for scholars from the House of Knowledge. Here, they find relaxation and inspiration away from their rigorous intellectual pursuits, reminding them of the joy and beauty that knowledge can bring.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p72 (map)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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