Pool of Music
Pool of Music

Pool of Music

The Pool of Music

Sacred site of Oghma of the Celtic Pantheon

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og / House of Knowledge

In the heart of Oghma’s realm, beyond the bounds of ordinary understanding, lies the Pool of Music, a place where the surreal and the fey intertwine to create an experience beyond mere sound. This isn’t just a body of water; it’s a living, breathing embodiment of music in its most ethereal form.

Envision a pool nestled in a clearing that seems to shift and blur at the edges, as if not entirely in this plane of existence. The water in this pool shimmers with iridescent colors not found in any mundane spectrum, each ripple on the surface playing its own note, contributing to an ever-present symphony that fills the air. The pool’s melody is a living entity, adapting and changing with the emotions and thoughts of those who gather around it.

The trees surrounding the pool are like ancient conductors, their branches swaying in time with the unseen orchestra, their leaves rustling in soft percussive accompaniments. At times, these trees seem to lean in closer, eager to be a part of the music emanating from the pool.

Drinking from the Pool of Music is like imbibing the essence of song itself. Those who partake find themselves not just singing but becoming a part of the music. They might sprout wings of gossamer and take flight, their voices joining with the birds in the canopy. Or their feet might no longer touch the ground as they dance, leaving trails of luminescent notes in the air. They say that a bard who drinks from the pool gains the ability to weave a suggestion spell into a performance once per day.

The inhabitants of this glade are a curious mix of fey creatures and musically inclined beings from across the planes. They are beings of pure song, their bodies shimmering with the same ethereal light as the pool, their voices capable of weaving spells of joy and sorrow.

At times, the Pool of Music changes its tune, leading to surreal manifestations. The water might suddenly burst into a fountain of light, projecting scenes and stories into the air. Other times, the melodies draw forth spirits and memories, creating a bridge between the present and the echoes of the past.

Nearby, small brooks and streams fed by the pool carry its musical properties, spreading the surreal symphony throughout the surrounding forest. Walking along these streams, one might hear whispered lullabies from the water, or see tiny sprites dancing on the surface, each step creating a new note.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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