The Despoiler, the Blood God. CE demipower of lust, pillage, plunder (He/Him)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: Rat with gold coin

Realm: Limbo / Volkorgoth

Verex the Despoiler, reigns supreme over the domains of lust, devastation, and pillage, as far as the orcs are concerned anyway. His domain is a nightmarish landscape where the ruins of countless civilisations merge with the perverse monuments to Verex’s insatiable desires. Here, the afterlife is not a place of rest but a ceaseless continuation of the depredations that marked his followers’ lives.

The petitioners of Verex are condemned to an eternity of plundering the remnants of worlds that have fallen to their god’s endless greed. They are spirits driven by an unquenchable thirst for destruction, tasked with tearing down what remains of beauty and order, turning everything into a twisted reflection of Verex’s desires. The chaotic skies are forever darkened by the smoke of burning treasures, and the ground is littered with the remains of those who stood in their way.

Petitioners are often seen dragging chains made of the bones of their conquered foes, symbols of their eternal servitude to the Despoiler. Their existence is one of constant warfare, not against enemies, but against each other, as trust is a commodity as rare as the treasures they seek to hoard.

Verex’s relationship with the other orc gods is as complex as it is tumultuous. While he shares a bond with Nulgreth over their mutual appreciation for destruction, their philosophies diverge significantly. Nulgreth sees death as an end, while Verex views it as merely the beginning of a deeper form of desolation. This rivalry often erupts into violent confrontations.

Lanishra, the god of slavery and tyranny, views Verex with a mixture of envy and contempt. Lanishra’s desire to enslave is at odds with Verex’s drive to obliterate, leading to a bitter feud that manifests in the enslavement or annihilation of entire populations. Their petitioners are locked in a perpetual struggle for dominance, each trying to outdo the other in acts of cruelty and oppression.

Verex’s domain is filled with surreal horrors that defy the imagination. Rivers of blood flow backward, carrying the screams of the souls trapped within their crimson depths. Tempting mountains of gold and jewels rise high, only to melt away in the presence of the truly greedy, leaving them with nothing but ash.

The air is thick with the scent of forbidden desires, where illusions of the most depraved fantasies play out in the open, only to turn into nightmares that ensnare the unwary. Petitioners are tormented by visions of what they can never have, driving them to greater acts of depravity in a futile attempt to satisfy their god’s insatiable lust for more.

Forests of twisted metal and bone spring from the ground, remnants of the siege engines and weapons used in their eternal war. These forests are home to creatures born of Verex’s dark magic, beasts that embody the essence of wanton destruction, preying on anything that dares to venture into their domain.

Verex’s legacy is one of eternal conflict and desire, a realm where the concepts of enough or too much hold no meaning. His petitioners are caught in an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth, forever seeking to fill the void left by their god’s unending senseless hunger.

Source: Inner Sea Gods [PF1e] p187

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