Great Ring
Great Ring

Great Ring

Great Ring

Great Ring, as well as being the name for the collective Outer Planes, is also confusingly a burg that many cutters think of as a legend. Joke’s on them though, because this place is very much real. Situated tantalisingly close to the Spire, this burg is a miniature model of the actual Great Ring. Each of its seventeen segments, each one meticulously crafted, represents one of the Outer Planes, with a majestic Spire-shaped palace at the centre symbolising the Outlands itself.

As one wanders through Great Ring (the burg, not the planes), the transition between segments is jarring, like stepping through an invisible veils. Each part of the burg is like a world unto itself. The Elysian section is a bastion of tranquility, with gentle fountains and soft music that caresses the soul, while the Carcerian segment is a stark contrast, a maze of damp, shadowed alleys where unseen horrors seem to lurk, and screams echoing in the mist.

The burg’s enigmatic nature is heightened by its unique entryways—sixteen doorways, each attuned to a specific alignment, only permitting passage to those whose souls resonate with the corresponding plane. Creatures of law and evil for example can only traverse the Gehenna, Baatorian and Acheronian doors, for example. True neutrals curiously find themselves barred from the outer ring of the burg entirely. Only cutters who bear the blood of the rilmani (it’s said some aasimar do) are granted access to every quarter, including the mysterious Spire Palace.

The rilmani govern Great Ring with inscrutable motives. Some speculate that their goal is to forge a second Sigil, while others argue that the burg is a grand experiment in planar understanding, a laboratory for the rilmani to study and perhaps manipulate the delicate equilibrium of the cosmos. Magic and portals, typically quelled by the Spire’s proximity, function freely within the burg’s confines—hinting at a deeper influence at play. This anomaly fuels the mystery surrounding the Great Ring, making it a focal point for scholars, mages, and planar travellers alike, all seeking to unravel the riddles locked within its meticulously arranged streets.

Adventure Hooks:

  • The Alignment’s Key: Adventurers of various alignments are hired to open the doors of the corresponding segments. Each door leads to a challenge or a piece of a puzzle that, when assembled, reveals a deeper secret of the Great Ring. This journey delves into the philosophical implications of alignment and the interconnectedness of the planes.
  • The Rilmani’s Experiment: The characters are recruited to uncover the true purpose of the Great Ring. Are the rilmani attempting to create a second Sigil or studying the planes for balance? This quest leads to encounters with diverse inhabitants and ethical dilemmas about meddling in the natural order.
  • The Spire’s Anomaly: The fact that the Spire’s influence is negated within the burg is a mystery that beckons investigation. The adventurers must navigate the politics and secrets of the rilmani while exploring the possibility of godly magic at play.

Source: David Whitley

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