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Pandemonium — Layer the First

The Howling Lands, the Maddening Plane

Imagine an endless expanse of light-snuffing rock with tunnels twisting this way and that. Often they open out into vast caverns or bore down into narrow crawlspaces. And the wind, cutter! Sometimes a stale breeze but more often a powerful gale, the wind never sleeps. It carries the sounds of insanity; screams, cries, an incessant buzz. It’ll drive a body barmy before long too. Of the four layers of Pandemonium, Pandsmos is the least uninhabitable, and some of the larger caverns contain sparse settlements clinging on to the rock like limpets. Gravity here orientates towards the nearest wall, so a cutter can walk—or be blown—up the walls and across the ceiling. The locals are a bad-tempered bunch, driven half-mad by the winds and the other half by the darkness. This is the plane of incessant paranoia and twitching insanity.

Locations in Pandesmos

  • Anonymous (independent burg)
  • Cavern of the Self (site)
  • City of Eternal Darkness (realm of Eloéle and Anshar)
  • The Hidden Realm (realm of Loki)
  • The Madhouse (independent burg)
  • Mount Fujiyama (planar pathway)
  • River Manala (site)
  • River Styx (planar pathway)
  • Towers of Ruin (realm of Talos)
  • Tuonela (realm of Tuoni and Tuonetar)
  • Uchi-bi (realm of Ho Masubis)
  • Winter’s Hall (realm of Loki and Auril)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Pandesmos

  • Anshar (Babylonian power of darkness)
  • Auril (Faerûnian power of winter)
  • Eloéle (Cerilian power of darkness)
  • Gorrelik (wandering power)
  • Ho Masubis (Japanese power of fire)
  • Loki (Norse power of trickery)
  • Talos (Faerûnian power of earthquakes)
  • Tuonetar (Finnish power of the dead)
  • Tuoni (Finnish power of the underworld)

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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