Lord’s Rook
Lord’s Rook

Lord’s Rook

Lord’s Rook

Location: Abyss / Pazunia

Like someone took Thor’s hammer to the ground and sent chunks of Pazunia floating in the sky; Lord’s Rook is a bit of a surprising sight, so it is. These floating rocks, they’re called motes, cutter, and they ain’t just levitating boulders, oh no, they’re a whole patchwork quilt of floating a heaven, or hell depending on yer viewpoint. Defying gravity, they soar above the drought-stricken plains of Pazunia. Some of them are just barren rocks, especially the smaller ones, but amongst ’em, there are also these lush sky islands. They’re a splash of green and blue in stark contrast to the desolation of Pazunia’s surface. Bejewelled with fresh water ponds and streams to make a thirsty berk’s mouth water. It’s like a paradise hoisted up in the skies, cut off from the dreary dust below.

Ain’t just the flora that’s found a home up there, neither, it’s a regular hangout for Pazuzu’s cronies, a gaggle of winged demons, building their nests and settled in, happy as a ghoul in a graveyard. There’s a right old variety of ’em, from the small and sneaky flitters to the big and brute-ish bashers, all gathered in the Over-Realm, hoping some of Pazuzu’s favour will rub off on them. Picture it: Tanar’ri flittering from mote to mote like a twisted parody of angels, trading secrets and lies instead of singing songs, forming alliances, and then backstabbing each other just as fast, all in the shadow of the great fortress of Skeleton Tree, the fortified nest of Pazuzu.

Now, Pazuzu ain’t one to settle for second best. He upped and moved his lair from Torremor, leavin’ behind the 503rd layer of the Abyss for his grand earthmote in the Pazunian sky. Looks like the blood has set his sights on ruling whole roost of the Plain of Infinite Portals. A right ambitious move, that was. Forged the earth motes, claimed the place as his own and consolidated his power, the clever sod.

But lemme tell ye, one thing he maybe didn’t think of — the higher you fly in the Over-Realm, the closer ye get to the Elemental Chaos, a place where the few laws of Abyss take a holiday and plunge everything into a state of flux. It’s a bit of a mystery where the Abyss ends and this chaos begins, but tendrils of chaos matter do occasionally form tornado-like storms of unreality that Pazuzu’s minions have to ward off.

Now, I’d advise keeping yer wits about ye if ye venture to the Over-Realm, ’cause it ain’t just demons ye’ll find in that stepping stone between planes. Nah, there are also rumours of ancient primordial predators lurkin’ about, waitin’ to pounce on the unsuspecting. Creatures older than the planes themselves, slipping in and out of the chaos, the true things of nightmares. 

So, if you fancy yourself an explorer, tread carefully in the Over-Realm, ’cause it’s a place where beauty and danger dance in a deadly ballet, a place of lofty dreams and potential falls from great heights, both literal and metaphorical. You will find yourself walking amongst the clouds, but mind you don’t also meet yer end in the jaws of some ancient beastie. Or Pazuzu. Choose your path wisely, I say.

Canonical Source: Dragon Magazine #329 [3e] p67 (describes Pazuzu in detail and sites the Lord’s Rook in Torremor, before its move to Pazunia). Expanded by Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

The Over-Realm of Lord’s Rook

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