Lake Gwyll
Lake Gwyll

Lake Gwyll

Lake Gwyll and Port Gwyllach

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og

Down a winding path from the Oghma’s House of Knowledge, you’ll find yourself at Lake Gwyll, a body of water so surreal and enchanted it seems plucked straight from a dream. It’s a mystical expanse where the waters themselves hold the secrets of countless forgotten tales and lore.

Lake Gwyll is like a mirror made of liquid twilight, reflecting the ever-changing skies of Tir na Og with a clarity that’s downright eerie. During the day, its surface sparkles with a thousand colors, each ripple telling a story from a distant land or a long-lost time. Come night, the lake glows with a soft, diffuse light, casting a calming luminescence over the surrounding area.

But here’s the real kicker – the lake is known to whisper. Aye, you heard that right. Travellers and scholars who sit by its shores speak of hearing soft, murmured words and phrases, as if the lake itself is reciting passages from long-lost books or sharing secrets of the cosmos. These whispers can inspire profound insights and sometimes even visions in those who listen carefully enough.

Nestled on the shores of this mystical lake is the port village of Gwyllach, a place that seems to straddle the line between the real and the otherworldly. The buildings here are crafted from materials that shimmer and shift, looking solid one moment and translucent the next, as if the village itself is part of a living story being told by the lake.

The villagers of Gwyllach are a mix of scholars, planewalkers, fey folk, and bards, all drawn to the lake’s mystique. They’re a friendly bunch, but with a depth in their eyes that speaks of the profound effect the lake has on their lives. Their homes and public spaces are adorned with symbols and writings, tributes to the stories that the lake whispers to them.

At the heart of Gwyllach is a quaint harbour, where small, elegant boats are moored, ready to glide across the lake’s mysterious waters. These vessels are often used by scholars and adventurers alike, seeking to explore the lake’s secrets or simply bask in its enchanting atmosphere.

One of the village’s unique features is the Great Bell, located at the harbour. This bell is rung at dawn and dusk, its deep, resonant tones harmonising with the lake’s whispers, creating a symphony that’s both haunting and beautiful. The ringing of the bell is said to reveal different aspects of the lake, showing its depths and shallows, and sometimes even parting the waters to reveal hidden treasures or ancient artefacts.

And this is where it gets weird. See, the port village of Gwyllach by the lake is only half of the story. The other half of the village is submerged beneath the enigmatic waters of Lake Gwyll. This submerged section of the village ain’t a ruin though, berk; it’s a living, breathing part of Gwyllach, as vibrant and mysterious as the parts above water.

Dive beneath the surface, and you find yourself in an underwater marvel. The buildings here are like something out of a landlubber’s wildest dreams, crafted from coral, crystal, and enchanted materials that allow them to exist underwater. These structures glow with a soft, otherworldly light, illuminating the underwater streets and squares.

This submerged part of Gwyllach is inhabited by a mix of water-breathing folks, fey creatures of the deep, aquatic petitioners, and even some planewalkers who’ve been enchanted to live beneath the waves. They glide through the water with a grace that’d make a mermaid jealous, going about their daily lives in a dance of bubbles and light.

The architecture down here is a sight to behold. Imagine towers of spiralling shells, houses with windows of transparent crystal that offer views of the aquatic life outside, and public spaces adorned with glowing anemones and softly swaying seaweed. The centre of the underwater village features a grand plaza with a statue of Oghma, crafted from pearl and abalone, which serves as a meeting point and a place of learning.

The most fascinating aspect of this submerged village is how the knowledge from the House of Knowledge above is shared and preserved here. Scrolls and books are protected in magically sealed cases, allowing underwater scholars to study them without damage. Some texts are even written in a script that appears only when submerged, holding secrets that are revealed only to those who venture beneath the surface.

The underwater part of Gwyllach also has its own unique whispers, different from those heard above. These are deeper, more ancient chants, perhaps secrets from the bottom of the lake, or tales from creatures that have never seen the surface. Divers and scholars come here seeking the wisdom hidden in these depths.

Festivals and celebrations in this submerged village are a spectacle of lights, colors, and sounds. They involve underwater synchronised dances, music that resonates through the water, and displays of bioluminescence that light up the entire village in a cascade of colors.

Recent Chant

So the tale of Gwyllach’s rebuilding after the fiendish invasion from Rigus, now that’s a story of resilience and the enduring spirit of its people. A few years back, the village of Gwyllach, found itself in the crosshairs of a marauding horde from Rigus, a place known for its mercenary armies and less-than-savoury denizens. This invasion left the village in ruins, a shadow of its former self, but the story didn’t end there.

In the aftermath of the invasion, the very essence of Gwyllach seemed to respond. The waters of Lake Gwyll, usually calm and whispering with knowledge, swelled with a fierce determination reflective of its inhabitants’ spirits. The villagers, though shaken, were not broken. They rallied together, driven by a shared resolve to restore their home.

The reconstruction of Gwyllach wasn’t just a physical effort but a magical and spiritual one. The scholars, wizards, and fey folk of the village, along with their allies from across Tir na Og, came together to rebuild. They used not just bricks and mortar, but spells and enchantments, weaving magic into the very foundations of the village. Buildings were restored with the help of elemental magic, causing them to rise from the ruins in a symphony of earth and air.

The submerged part of Gwyllach, which had been less affected by the invasion, became a sanctuary for those who had lost their homes above. The underwater community played a crucial role in the rebuilding process, offering refuge and support, and sharing their deep knowledge of water-based magics to aid in the reconstruction.

Artisans and craftsmen from across the planes were drawn to Gwyllach, inspired by the village’s resilience. They brought with them materials that added new dimensions to the village’s architecture and design, transforming Gwyllach into a tapestry of diverse cultures and influences, yet still deeply rooted in its original identity.

In the heart of the village, the grand plaza was reborn. The new design reflected the journey of its people – from destruction to renewal. The Great Bell, once silent amid the ruins, rang once more, its sound a clarion call of hope and a testament to the indomitable spirit of Gwyllach.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p72 (map)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

See Also: SIGIS issue 8 for the story of Gwyllach’s near destruction 

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