White Dolphins of the Silver Sea

Realm of Trishina

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold and Elysium / Thalasia

Dolphinsong is a shimmering jewel in the Silver Sea of Lunia, and the reef domain of Trishina, the goddess of whales and dolphins. It’s a realm that wanders the celestial waters with ebb of the currents, a place where the play of light on water and the secrets of the depths intertwine in a riotous symphony of life. It’s also been known to turn up in Thalasia, the fourth layer of Elysium—although its usual home is Celestia.

Trishina, the consort of Deep Sashelas, rules over this watery realm with a loving heart and a gentle touch. Her presence is felt in every glimmering wave and every playful leap of a dolphin breaking the surface. Her realm appears as a silver-white reef, a place where corals of unimaginable hues stretch like gardens beneath the sea. The vibrant colours shift and shimmer with the changing currents, a reflection of Trishina’s playful nature. Gardens of luminescent flora sway with the rhythm of the tides. Dolphinsong is a place of respite, where those seeking solace find a haven to rest and renew their spirits, much like the Silver Sea itself.

Marine life thrives within the reef – fish of every size and shape, from the smallest glowing minnows to the balaena that seem to carry the very essence of the planes within their movements. Dolphins, of course, are the true stars of the realm. They swim in joyful pods, their laughter and music echoing through the waters like music, a celebration of life and the boundless beauty of the sea.

The goddess herself is often seen in the form of a radiant dolphin. She guides the denizens of her realm with a tender fin, teaching them the rhythms of the Silver Sea and the ways of balance between life and nature. Her coral palace rises from the depths, shimmering with an inner light that guides travellers through the winding passages of the reef.

Dolphinsong is a place of harmony, a realm of beauty and song, where the playfulness of dolphins dances in time with the rhythm of the waves. Those who find themselves within its embrace might feel a new sense of connection to the plane and its Silver Sea.

Source: Jon-Winter-Holt, Author note: The canonical name for Trishina’s realm is Trishina’s Reef. I thought Dolphinsong was more evocative.

The reef of Trishina, power of dolphins.

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