Silver Sea
Silver Sea

Silver Sea

The Silver Sea

A storm on the Silver Sea

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

The Silver Sea of Lunia is a surreal freshwater ocean where the waters are as pure as an archon’s dreams and as holy as a cleric’s blessing. The waves glisten with a brilliance that makes them look like liquid metal, and the touch of the waters acts as a cleansing fire against fiends and the wretched undead. Even the sea air is filled with a serenity that seeps into your bones.

Taking a dip in the Silver Sea’s waters is a baptism for the soul, purifying all that it touches. A cutter can wash away the taint of evil, leaving behind nothing but the spark of celestial radiance. It’s said that the cleansing waters are able wash away curses and even some diseases.

As for the deities who’ve claimed realms within the Silver Sea, Trishina is the best known. She’s the Lady of the Silver Currents, a power who embodies the healing, cleansing aspects of the plane. Her realm Dolphinsong is a place of serenity, where waters reflect the light of the moons, and her presence is like a soothing current that calms the waves.

The shining waters teem with life, and the creatures that thrive in the Silver Sea are a marvel to behold.

The Zoveri are a race of aquatic beings with shimmering scales and gentle hearts. They’re like living embodiments of the plane’s purity, and while they look like humanoid octopuses, they move through the waters with the grace of ballerinas dancing in harmony.

The white dolphins of Lunia are well known to sailors of the Silver Sea. As well as being playful, they’re also highly intelligent, being fluent in many languages of land-folk. They know the safe routes through the coastal reefs, and will share that information in exchange for goods from the land.

White dolphins of the Silver Sea

The Balaena are enormous celestial whales, their backs breaking through the waves like the hulls of ships. These gentle giants sing melodies that resonate with the very fabric of Lunia, their harmonies echoing across the whole layer as a soothing balm to all who hear them.

Now listen up, berk, ’cause I’ve got a tale that’ll send shivers down your spine. Out there in the Astral Plane, the Githyanki balaena hunters prowl the silvery expanse, launching raids that’ll make even the boldest planewalker gulp.

Picture them, these githyanki, astride their astral spelljammer skiffs, pirates of the void, their eyes gleaming with the promise of plunder. Their quarry? Those noble balaena, gentle giants of the Silver Sea. The githyanki are ready with harpoons sharp as a devil’s grin and hearts as cold as the void itself.

When the moons glow wanes on the astral waters, that’s when the balaena hunters take to the skies, their skiffs weaving through the currents silent and deadly, ready to strike when the time is right.

As the balaena breach the surface, their songs harmonizing with the winds, the githyanki launch their harpoons with deadly precision. Like a pack of vultures they tear at the flesh of their prey, seeking the riches that lie within the balaena’s enormous bodies.

But these raids ain’t about loot, cutter. The githyanki have tumbled to the fact that the balaena are creatures that hold a spark of purity they can never possess. So they steal from them not treasure, but their connection to the Silver Sea itself. The balaena are like floating vaults of celestial essence, carriers of the holy power of the Silver Sea. When the hunters pierce these majestic beings with their harpoons, they’re after the celestial magic that courses through their veins. It’s like they’re stealing a bit of Mount Celestia itself.

Some reckon the githyanki use the stolen essence for all sorts of dark purposes – to fuel their astral magic, to forge weapons that defy the planes’ natural order, or even to slake their twisted desires for a taste of purity they’ll never be able to attain.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

The Silver Sea


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