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Elysium — Layer the Fourth

The Isles of the Blessed, the Fortunate Islands, the Bliss of Tranquility

Character of the Layer: Discovery, self-sufficiency and reward

Thalasia is the origin layer of the River Oceanus that flows throughout the other layers of Elysium. The layer is dotted with island archipelagos, known collectively as the Isles of the Holy Dead, the Isles of the Blessed, the Islands beyond the World, and the Heroic Isles. But while many petitioners dwell in these beautiful places, most of the action on Thalasia occurs under the waves. Here, beautiful burgs of coral and mother-of-pearl can be found, bathed in crystal clear waters of the perfect temperature. This plane truly deserves its moniker, the Bliss of Tranquility. Thalasia is a layer that embodies the peace that arises when all needs are provided for; the peace of providence.

Locations of Thalasia

  • Amenti (realm of Hathor)
  • Citadel of the Sea (realm of O-Wata-Tsu-Mi)
  • Dolphinsong (realm of Trishina)
  • Golden Beaches (site)
  • Heroic Isles, the
  • Islands Beyond the World, the
  • Isles of the Blessed, the (realm of Belenus and Brigantia)
    • Avalon (island)
    • Bellain (island)
    • Claighmell (island)
    • Crisach (island)
    • Stuart (island)
    • Sunswatch, the (home of Belenus and Brigantia)
  • Isles of the Holy Dead, the
  • Light’s Blessing (Fortress of the Sun) (realm of Pelor)
    • Temple of Radiance (site)
  • Portico (independent burg)
  • Ro Stau (realm of Seker)
  • Sea of Thalasia (site)
  • Selkies’ Grotto (realm of Surminare)
  • Thalastrom, the (site)
  • Trench of the Kraken (site)
  • Waves of Grief (realm of Nisei)
    • Surcease (realm town)
      • Palace of Peace (site)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Thalasia

  • Belenus (Celtic power of the sun)
  • Brigid (Celtic power of rivers)
  • Great Shelled One (Asthathalfinare power of protection)
  • Hathor (Egyptian power of joy)
  • Nesirie (Cerilian power of grief)
  • O-Wata-Tsu-Mi (Japanese power of sea creatures)
  • Pelor (Oerdian power of sun and strength)
  • Seker (Egyptian power of light)
  • Surminare (Asthathalfinare power of beauty)

Guardinals of Thalasia

RaceAnimalPlace in society
AequorealJellyfishCommoners, dream collectors
AlbinalAlbatrossCeaselessly vigilance
BalænalWhaleLeaders, singers of hero myths
BrachynalCrabDefenders of environment and allies
CetacealOrcaWarriors, ocean defenders
IcthynalFishDiplomats and message bearers
LepidopteralButterflyMagic, beauty
FalcatinalPraying mantisMonks
ReptialIguanaScholars and collectors

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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