Unbent Forest
Unbent Forest

Unbent Forest

The Unbent Forest

The Unbent Forest is a second layer of defence for Lunia should Heaven’s Wall fail.

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

The Unbent Forest is a place shrouded in endless night, a place where the stars themselves struggle to cast their light through the dense canopy of ancient trees. It’s a haven for creatures that have existed since time untold, beings whose forms and names remain hidden from the understanding of mortals.

Imagine this, cutter – a forest where twilight reigns, where the tangled branches and gnarled trunks create an intricate labyrinth that only the most determined can navigate. The Unbent Forest stretches across the lower slopes of Lunia, serving as a steadfast guardian, a silent sentinel against those who would dare to invade the celestial plane.

At the heart of this enigmatic forest, the paragon archon Tanagaar the Aurulent Eye keeps watch. This mysterious being, shrouded in legend and myth, is said to possess a gaze that pierces the veils of reality. With eyes like orbs of pure gold, Tanagaar sees all – the currents of the planes, the souls of mortals, and everything which occurs within his domain.

The Unbent Forest itself is not merely a silent observer; it is a living entity, a force of nature shaped by the will of Tanagaar. Tales tell of the forest’s roots stirring, lifting themselves from the ground, and marching to new locations when the celestial lord demands it. This ability to shift and adapt serves as an integral part of Celestia’s defences, a second line of protection after the Prime Vallation’s towering wall.

Archon Lord Tanagaar

The creatures that inhabit the Unbent Forest are beings of ancient power, their forms and intentions often hidden in the depths of shadow. They are guardians and watchers, fierce in their loyalty to the eternal night that enshrouds their domain. The forest’s tangled depths, its whispered secrets, and the ever-watchful gaze of Tanagaar all contribute to the Unbent Forest’s role as a realm of mystery My advice, berk – don’t stray from your path!

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The Unbent Forest

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