Trishna, Waverider, Mistress of Games, Joyswimmer, Dolphin Queen. LG lesser power of love, fidelity, children, play, protection, dolphins, cetaceans (She/Her).

Trishina, the Dolphin Queen

Pantheons: Asathalfinare (aquatic powers), Seldarine (elven powers)

Realms: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Dolphinsong or Elysium / Thalasia / Dolphinsong (wanders, also called ‘Trishina’s Reef’)

Trishina (trish-EE-nuh), the aquatic elven goddess of dolphins, now she’s a real sparkling gem in the surf. Her domain is from where the sands stretch beneath the waters and the waves dance, down to the deep cool waters of the ocean.

Trishina herself is a sight to behold. With the grace of a dolphin, she moves through her realm surrounded by a radiant aura and a pod of dolphins. She’s known as the consort of Deep Sashelas, another watery power, and together, they’re known as the Dolphin Queen and Prince as they guide the currents of the seas.

Trishina also has a playful aspect, like her dolphin attendants. She’s also called the Mistress of Games, and embodies playfulness, joyfulness and zest for life.

Her third aspect is one of protector. She’s a pacifist and values all lives, especially those of beings unable to defend themselves; the young, the sick and the weak. Chant goes that it is her word that sends the dolphins who save drowning mortals. And they’ll save anyone; Trishina does not judge on race or appearance, only actions. She believes in showing mercy first and that this is the best way to convince the wicked to reform.

Trishina’s realm, known as Dolphinsong, meanders around the Silver Sea like driftwood caught in a current, with seemingly no pattern. The crashing waves sing songs of serenity, and the playful talking dolphins are her messengers, spreading her blessings to all who call the sea their home. Sailors tell tales of catching glimpses of her silvery form gliding beneath the waves, bringing fortune and protection to those who honour her.

They say it’s impossible for ships to sink in Trishina’s realm, if the occupants are kind of heart. If they’re not… well cutter, they’ll find themselves in the water — although she won’t let anyone drown. Trishina also frowns upon the looting of shipwrecks, because they are sacred places of mourning and repose.

White Dolphins of the Silver Sea

Sometimes Dolphinsong drifts into the endless sea of Thalasia in Elysium too, just to keep planewalkers on their toes. There the waters are saltier compared with the Silver Sea’s holiness, but any creatures that travel with the realm are comfortable nonetheless.

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Other Useful Sources:

  • Forgotten Realms wiki link
  • Author’s Note: I’ve given ‘Trishina’s Reef’ the additional name of ‘Dolphinsong’

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