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Elysium — Layer the Second

The Singing Mountains, the Land of Rugged Peace, the Bliss of Wonder

Character of the Layer: Shelter, raw natural beauty, and hospitality

Eronia is a rugged mountainous layer of hills and jagged peaks, topped by brightly lit clouds and surrounded by valleys of white granite. The spectacular vistas that visitors will experience from the high mountain passes has led to Eronia being dubbed the Bliss of Wonder. On this layer, the weather is much more severe than Amoria, with violent windstorms, blizzards of snow, and lightning being common. The seasons are more extreme with bitter winters and hot summers.

The Great River Oceanus cuts through the mountains in a winding pattern, carving breathtaking canyons and gorges, bubbling into whitewater rapids and cascades. It is fed by waterfalls which scatter the light into rainbows. Navigating Oceanus at this point is perilous, and can only be done safely by experienced boatfolk, who call themselves ‘river rats’. Yggdrasil the World Ash also touches this layer with its searching branches.

Eronia is the plane of fierce passion about the importance of peace, of security and defending the underdog.

Locations of Eronia

  • Chac’s Valley (realm of Chac)
  • Dweomerheart (realm of Mystra)
  • Eastern Bounty (realm of Dazhbog)
  • Frystalline Caverns (site)
  • Great Mother’s Garden (realm of Chauntea and Liu)
  • Great Mountain of the East (realm of Ki, Nin-Hursag and Enlil)
  • HarpHearth (realm of Idun and Bragi)
  • Lodge of Bharrai (site)
  • Mirror of the Moon (realm of Tsuki-Yomi)
  • Morninglory (realm of Lathander and Ushas)
  • Peace of Kinship (realm of Nikodalus)
  • Precipice (aaracokra burg)
  • Remembrance of Truths Long Past (realm of Kislova)
  • River Oceanus (planar pathway)
  • Soulearth (realm of Urogalan)
  • True Grove (realm of Eldath)
  • Woodhaven (realm of Hiatea)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Eronia

  • Bragi (Norse power of poetry)
  • Chac (Maya power of rain)
  • Chauntea (Faerûnian power of agriculture)
  • Dazhbog (Slavic power of the sun)
  • Eldath (Faerûnian power of peace)
  • Enlil (Sumerian and Faerûnian power of air and war)
  • Hiatea (Ordning power of nature)
  • Iðunn (Norse power of youth)
  • Ki (Sumerian and Faerûnian power of nature)
  • Kislova (orcish power of light)
  • Lathander (Faerûnian power of dawn)
  • Liu (Chinese power of crops)
  • Mystra (Faerûnian power of magic)
  • Nanna-Sin (Sumerian power of the moon)
  • Nikodalus (orcish power of family)
  • Nin-Hursag (Sumerian power of earth)
  • Tsuki-Yomi (Japanese power of time and the moon)
  • Urogalan (Halfling power of earth and death)
  • Ushas (Vedic power of dawn)

Guardinals of Eronia

RaceAnimalPlace in society
AquilinalEagleFlying noble scouts
CaprinalGoatHerdsmen, doctors
CervinalCentaurKnights and army generals
ChiroptealBatProtectors of deep places
LupinalWolfHunters of evil
MuldnalMoleMiners, farmers
MustelidalBadgerProtectors of burrowing creatures
NocturnalOwlSilent strike forces
OvinalSheepFaithful obedient commoners
ProboscidealMammothGentleness but quick to anger
ProcyalRaccoonMischievous and civilised
UrsinalBearScholars and sages

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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