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Elysium — Layer the First

The Blessed Fields, the Untroubled, the Bliss of Delight

Character of the Layer: Benevolence, acceptance and welcome

Amoria is the topmost layer of Elysium and is surely one of the most hospitable places in all of the Outer Planes. It closely resembles the Prime with burgs settled along the banks of the River Oceanus, except every way you look the plane dazzles with its peace and beauty. The River is one of the main routes of transportation through the layer, and ships ply Oceanus in both directions trading goods of all kinds. Yggdrasil also extends its branches to Amoria.

Amoria is the most populated layer of Elysium, with many residents utilising boats to travel around the layer. Its seasons are mild, with gentle winters and comfortable summers. Its rolling meadows and woodlands host an enormous variety of wildlife and birds. Even the wild animals are friendly here and will approach gentle travellers for a head scratch or petting. Colours and sounds appear deeper and more intense, yet somehow also restful on the eyes and the mind.

The layer contains the divine realms of Ishtar, Isis and Hathor. It is inhabited by the leaders of the guardinals, who use Amoria to marshal their forces against evil.

Locations of Amoria

  • Asuras’ Bridge, the (site)
  • City of Star, the (realm of Ishtar)
  • Contemplation (realm of Majere)
  • Domain of the Day-Long Sun (realm of Savitri)
  • Gardens of Plenty, the (realm of Ogetsu-no-hime; deserted)
  • Healer’s Home (realm of Mishakal)
  • Healing Glade, the (realm of Naralis Analor; Dragon 236)
  • Ignorance is Bliss (independent burg)
  • Light’s Blessing(realm of Pelor)
  • Mount Fujiyama
  • Principality (realm of an unknown power)
    • Goshen Forest (site)
    • Lake Aonia (site)
    • Lake Serene (site)
    • Midwyn Forest (site)
    • Nest of the Phoenix (site)
    • Oreb Hills (site)
      • Conclave Fidelis (site)
    • Ornwood (site)
    • Pax Benefice (realm town)
    • Realm’s End (site)
    • River Harmony (site)
    • River Mione (site)
    • River Niloa (site)
    • Thione Hills (site)
    • Yniri’s Highlands (site)
  • Quietude (realm of Isis)
  • Release from Care (independent burg)
  • Return to Innocence (independent burg)
  • River Oceanus (planar pathway)
  • River Eridanus (planar pathway)
  • Rippling Rills (realm of Makosh)
  • Ro Stau (realm of Seker)
  • Succor (realm of Hathor)
  • Tethridar (realm of Tethrin Veralde and Kirith Sotheril)
  • Unity of Souls (site)
  • Valourhome (realm of Kuan-ti)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Amoria

  • Hathor (Egyptian power of love)
  • Ishtar (Babylonian power of love and war)
  • Isis (Egyptian power of fertility and marriage)
  • Kirith Sotheril (Seldarine power of enchantment)
  • Kuan-ti (Chinese power of war and peace)
  • Majere (Krynnish power of loyalty)
  • Makosh (Slavic power of fertility)
  • Mishakal (Krynnish power of healing)
  • Naralis Analor (Seldarine power of healing and death)
  • Ogetsu-no-hime (Japanese power of grain; dead)
  • Pelor (Oedrian power of the sun)
  • Savitri (Vedic power of light and life)
  • Seker (Egyptian power of light)
  • Tethrin Veralde (Seldarine power of bladesingers)

Guardinals of Amoria

RaceAnimalPlace in society
AvoralHawkFlying scouts
BohlinidalGiraffePriests, soothsayers
BovinalOxSturdy commoners
CaninalDogLoyal commoners
EquinalHorseLoadbearers, wrestlers
LeonalLionLeaders, fiend hunters
MustevalFerretSpies, rogues
MurelinalCatEyes and ears
OsphrantinalKangarooMedics, protectors
VulpinalFoxWandering minstrels

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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