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Elysium — Layer the Third

The Orphic Fens, the Forgotten Layer, the Bliss of Hope

Character of the Layer: Sacrifice, modesty and protection

Belierin is a layer composed mostly of fens, bogs and marshes, with tangles of mangroves in many places. Only a few settlements exist here on rocky spurs above the level of the swamps, many with a cathedral-like lighthouse, which directs travellers through the mists to safety.

The few travellers who come here use punts and rafts to navigate the overgrown waterways. Creatures dwelling in the marshes include beavers, muskrats, raccoons, turtles, opossums, frogs, crayfish, alligators, caiman, nutria (coypu), and herons.

Belierin is said to be a sealed layer, and the chant goes that the guardinals are either trying to keep people out, or something in. It is the plane of maintaining peace by secrecy, and of sacrifice for the greater good. The guardinals call this plane the Bliss of Hope.

Locations of Belierin

  • Quesar’s Birthplace(site)
  • River Oceanus (planar pathway)
  • Rubicon (site)
  • The Refuge of Night (realm of Nut)

Powers of Belierin

  • Nut (Egyptian power of the sky)

Guardinals of Belierin

RaceAnimalPlace in society
ArachnealSpiderWeavers, creators
ArdeidalHeronFerrymen, fishermen, punters
BombyxialMothSentinels of the night
EutheconalCrocodileProtectors of secrets
HemipteralCicadaMessage senders, singers
LutrinalOtterPlayful commoners
ObcutinalChameleonSpies, disguise
PhoenicoptialFlamingoFriendly commoners

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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