Realm of the Orcish Upstart Powers

Location: Limbo

In the heart of Limbo’s swirling chaos lies Volkorgoth, an immense continent adrift in the eternal turmoil of the maelstrom. This land, if one can call it such, is a place of contradictions and surreal landscapes, where the very fabric of reality bends to the will of its inhabitants, and the unexpected is the only constant.

Volkorgoth is a realm where the impossible takes root and thrives amidst the chaos. Mountains of crystalline obsidian rise beside forests with leaves of pure flame, and rivers of molten gold flow into seas of solid sky. The weather itself is a capricious entity, with storms of singing rain and winds that whisper the secrets of the cosmos. Gravity is a mere suggestion, often ignored, leading to floating islands and inverted valleys where the sky is underfoot.

Within this chaotic expanse, the Orcish Upstart Powers carve out their domains, each a reflection of their ambition and essence. These demigods, seeking to rise from the shadows to ultimately challenge Gruumsh’s grip on the Orcish pantheon, use Volkorgoth’s mutable nature to their advantage, creating sanctuaries and bastions that are as shifting and unpredictable as the plane itself. Here, amidst landscapes that defy explanation, they gather their strength, rally worshippers, and plot their ascension, all while remaining hidden from the prying eyes of the established orcish deities.

The Upstarts are not unchallenged in their endeavors. Like Gruumsh, Limbo’s native salad and protean denizens also view these ambitious orc demigods as interlopers, trespassers in a realm where chaos ought to reigns supreme. The slaadi, with their anarchic love for disorder, see the Upstarts’ attempts at establishing dominion as an affront, leading to skirmishes and battles that ripple across Volkorgoth’s surreal landscapes.

Proteans, ever the agents of change, weave their plots and schemes, seeing the Upstart Powers as pieces in a larger game. They dance along the edges of the orcish territories, their serpentine forms slipping through cracks in reality, always seeking to undermine, to transform, to ensure that nothing remains static for long.

The Great Valley with its blood-red river stands as a rare neutral ground in this realm of constant conflict. It is here, along its banks, that uneasy truces are brokered, and alliances forged and broken. Einherjar mercenaries come here to hire out their swords, or at least promises to support the orc demipowers, while adventurers and outsiders seek fortunes and glory in the shifting territories of the demigods.

In Volkorgoth, every day is a battle, not just for territory, but for the very essence of what it means to exist in a realm where the ground beneath your feet is an illusion, and your greatest ally could be the next day’s foe. Or the other way around. The Upstart Orc Gods, with their hubristic dreams of power and recognition, must navigate this ever-changing landscape, all while keeping their ambitions hidden from Gruumsh and his cronies and also contending with the native chaos that seeks to undo them.


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