The Slavelord. CE demipower of slavery, subjugation, tyranny (He/Him)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: Sabre-tooth tiger skull

Realm: Limbo / Volkorgoth

Known among the orcs as the god of slavery, subjugation, and tyranny, Lanishra embodies that dark aspect of the orcish psyche that revels in the capture and exploitation of other intelligent beings. Lanishra relishes turning the captured into objects of entertainment, sacrifice, or even sustenance.

Lanishra’s followers are driven by a merciless creed, seeing strength in the subjugation of the weak and viewing the enslavement of other races as not only a right but even their sacred duty. His temples are decorated with the spoils of raids and conquests, including chains, cages, and grizzly trophies taken from those unfortunate enough to become thralls or sacrifices. Worship services are brutal affairs, where the suffering of and sacrifice captives is celebrated.

The Slavelord’s relentless pursuit of slaves puts him at odds with other orc deities, most notably Nulgreth, the Blood God, who prefers the annihilation of enemies over their capture. This fundamental disagreement leads to frequent clashes between their followers, with Lanishra’s adherents viewing the exploitation of life as a means to an end, while Nulgreth’s see it as a waste of potential bloodshed.

Similarly, Lanishra’s rivalry with Verex, the Despoiler, is born out of competition for the same resources—namely, slaves. Both deities vie for control over the spoils of war, leading to a bitter feud that often manifests as a clash over captives and territory.

On the Prime, Lanishra’s influence is found at the fringes of orc-controlled territories, where raids and slaving expeditions are a tempting opportunity. His cults operate in the shadows, orchestrating kidnappings and enslavements with a fanatical zeal. To be marked by Lanishra’s followers is to live in fear of chains and cages, of being reduced to mere property in the eyes of your captors.

Despite his might and the fervour of his petitioners, Lanishra’s ambitions in Volkorgoth are constantly thwarted by the actions of Nulgreth and Verex, as well as by the resilience of those who resist his chains. The struggle for dominance within the orc pantheon and against external forces of outsiders like salad and proteans is an ongoing saga of conflict and conquest, a reflection of the eternal battle for supremacy that defines the life of Lanishra and his followers.

Source: Inner Sea Gods [PF1e] p187

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