The Blood God. CE demipower of anger, rage, strength (He/Him)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: Bloody double axe

Realm: Limbo / Volkorgoth

Nulgreth, the Blood God, embodies the darkest and most ferocious aspects of orcish nature. He represents a terrifying figure of unbridled fury, his philosophy rooted deeply in the belief that slaughter is not merely a means to an end but an end in itself. Nulgreth’s followers are urged to embrace their anger, to let the hatred fuel their strength, and to revel in the rush of battle as they literally drench themselves in the blood of their foes.

Nulgreth demands a doctrine of absolute destruction, viewing combat as sacred ritual. To him, to spill blood is to worship to the natural order, that primal force that drives the planes. His power is drawn from the depths of rage and the endless strength that comes from surrendering to one’s basest instincts. In the eyes of Nulgreth, mercy is a weakness, and the ultimate victory is achieved only when the enemy is not just defeated but annihilated.

This philosophy puts him at odds with Lanishra, the god of slavery and tyranny, who sees value in sparing the lives of enemies for subjugation. Nulgreth scoffs at such notions, believing that true power lies in the ability to instill terror through sheer, unstoppable violence.

The worship of Nulgreth is a blood-soaked affair, marked by rituals that celebrate visceral combat. His shrines are adorned with the trophies of slain enemies, and his altars are stained with fresh blood from sacrifices made in his honour. The most devout followers of Nulgreth are those who have given themselves over entirely to their bloodlust, claiming divine justification for their most violent impulses.

Nulgreth’s priests are warriors first and foremost, leading their congregations not just in prayer but in raids and battles that serve as both worship and demonstration of their faith. They preach the purity of anger and the sanctity of rage, urging their followers to prove their devotion through acts of unparalleled brutality.

In the afterlife, Nulgreth’s petitioners are consigned to a realm of eternal conflict, where the battle never ceases, and the blood never dries. Here, in this endless war, they find their paradise, a place where their lifelong bloodlust can be indulged without restraint. They engage in ceaseless combat, their spirits fuelled by the same rage that defined their earthly lives. The petitioners of Nulgreth not only fight against the spirits of their ancient enemies but are also subject to the whims of their fickle god, who takes pleasure in testing them, pushing them to ever more terrifying acts of violence. The realm of Nulgreth is one where strength is the only virtue, and the weak are torn asunder, their essence scattered to the chaotic winds.

Source: Inner Sea Gods [PF1e] p187

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