Minion of Chaos
Minion of Chaos

Minion of Chaos

Minion of Chaos

INTELLIGENCE:Godlike (20-21) but unfathomable
ALIGNMENT:Chaotic Neutral
ARMOUR CLASS:Varies (10 to -10)
MOVEMENT:Varies (3 to 96)
HIT DICE:Varies (1 to 15 + 20)
THAC0:Varies (20 to 5)
DAMAGE/ATTACK:Special or by weapon
SPECIAL ATTACKS:Cause vertigo, confuse, emotion
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Invisibility, blink, immunity to non-magical weapons
SIZE:Changes at will (3′ to 300′)
MORALE:Varies from Fearless (20) to Fearful (1)
XP VALUE:DM’s discretion
AD&D 2e statistics

Limbo is a strange and uncertain place. What would you expect, cutter? It is the pure essence of chaos, after all. Occasionally the plane seeks to spread its glory or perhaps escape itself, or so the chant goes. When a portion of chaos-stuff somehow escapes the soup it forms a semi-stable, semi-physical being called a Minion of Chaos.

These pieces of chaos are found (though very rarely) everywhere but Limbo, though most commonly on the Planes of Chaos bordering Limbo, and the Outlands. As you might imagine, however, Minions of Chaos delight in surprising a body’s expectations and can turn up literally anywhere. Their shapes and forms are as fleeting and as variant as the plan of Limbo itself.

COMBAT: Minions of chaos use whatever combat statistics suit their current form, or don’t fit at all with their current form. The can and will (usually) use some sort of chaotic magic or even psionic. Their powers know few limits, but that’s not to say that they won’t just cast pink and orange magic missiles from their bunny noses (if they happen to be in that form).

Invariably the form and method of attack should be both surprising and unique (unless it’s more surprising for it to be normal and mundane). For some reason Minions of Chaos frequently take the form of a little human or elf girl and use attacks that induce vertigo confusion paralysis or strong emotions. But don’t count on that, berk!

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Minions of Chaos have no known society as they appear to be are solitary creatures created merely by an act of chance. It is however possible for a single powerful Minion of Chaos to simulate a society by projecting itself as multiple beings (who don’t necessarily act like one being and may even try to kill other facets of themself or work at odds).

A number of Minions of Chaos have been seen in the courts of some of the more lawful powers and some greybeards suggest that perhaps they’re representatives of Chaos and are actually created for some reason. Whatever the dark, however, Minions of Chaos have a reputation for stirring up whatever they touch and causing trouble on a planar scale.

ECOLOGY: While rare, chaos minions may pop up anywhere and at any time. They have no real set ecology except that they seem to feed on the chaos they create, and in turn the chaos feeds off them.

Source: Gabriel Eggers and Steve Wallace

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  1. George

    I kinda like the idea that since the Planes are alive (in a very weird sense), then creatures like demons are something akin to their seeds/proxies/hands, and this monster fit into this concept perfectly

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