The Temple of the Celts
The Temple of the Celts

The Temple of the Celts

Standing Proud in the Heart of the Lady’s Ward

Though no more popular on the Prime as any other pantheon, the Celtic pantheon holds special ground in the Outlands. Because of the size and influence of Tir Na Og, many planars worship the Celtic gods, and not a few of Tir Na Og’s petitioners have been seen in Sigil. And many natives of Sigil also worship Celtic gods.

In the distant past, during a time of peace among the gods, a pact was made between the highest proxies of the pantheon. To ensure the safety of the Celtic gods, a grand place of worship would be erected in Sigil. There, worshippers of all of the myriad powers could pray under the proper circumstances. This developed in the Temple of the Celts. A massive structure, the entire building stretches like the roots of a plant, burrowing into the Heart of the Lady’s Ward. Resting between the Barracks and the Palace of the Jester, this composite church is divided into wings, each one assigned to a single Celtic power. Their size is usually determined by their popularity.

Among the important high-ups of the Temple are Kevin Softleaf, the head of Diancecht’s wing, Nore Kalana, the head of Arawn’s wing, and Fillis Shiningwords. Another significant clergyman on the rise is Baeneral Pikestaff, a priest of Math Mathonwy who collects a magic tax from all Celtic wizards in Sigil for the Temple and the Fated.


Crafts: With the priests of both Lugh and Goibhniu working forges deep in the Temple, a large number of quality commodities are produced. The Temple is perhaps among the top five places to buy on-magical weapons, and produces all manner of armours, furnitures, tools, and household items.

Speech Writing: For a fee ranging from 2 to 20 jinx (in the form of donations), priests of Oghma will prepare speeches for individuals of the proper “moral calibre.” In other words, they won’t write a speech for any Athar or anything of evil content. They also won’t write anything that goes against their god. Nevertheless, many people have their speeches prepared here.

Healing: For low fees (up to 10 jinx), the priests of Diancecht will heal those in need. Because they are almost always overworked, they actually have to turn away some who need healing, at least temporarily. Patients who worship Diancecht and the Celtic pantheon in general are preferred over others. Also, those of good alignment are favoured over neutrals, and neutrals over evils.

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