The Temple of the Titans
The Temple of the Titans

The Temple of the Titans

Carcerian Avenue, Lady’s Ward

The Temple of the Titans stands prominently on the block that houses it. Rising up from the mass of large buildings around it, from a distance one can see a huge red globe hanging in the air. As one stands in front of the temple, it is both malevolent and beautiful. Fifteen stairs ring the circular open-air (Grecian style, with pillars holding up the ceiling) temple, it’s marble exterior showing a fair amount of weathering. However, when one looks up they see the exact same fifteen stairs in reverse, and at the end, where the ground would be, is the affrontingly huge Carcerian-stone orb. Around the perimeter of the temple are ten foot statues of each titan, their names in Greek written on the base.

The interior is austere; The symbol of Chronus patterns both the floor and the ceiling, and that’s about all. There don’t seem to be any priests, though there must be…

The Dark: As many well know, beneath the streets of Sigil are the buildings of older times. Well, the worshippers of the titans managed to figure out that beneath an area of the Lady’s Ward was a huge complex temple commemorating all the titans: Chronus, Crius, Typhon, Mnemosyne, Oceanus. These worshippers decided that it would be a good idea to use this complex, but had no easy manner of accessing it. Thus, they built a temple on the streets above, with a complex magical ward on the symbol of Crius being the key to entering the complex. The stone orb above the temple was dug out and carved in Carceri and the magic of the Titans empowered it to keep most anyone from finding the secret of the symbol of Chronus.

Further discoveries were made within a few years of the opening of the Temple: a section of the subterranean temple actually had gates to Carceri, Olympus, the Gray Waste, and many Prime Worlds connected the Olympian/Titanic myths! Thus, the worshippers of the titans began to bring in their own personal army, a group of assassins, mercenaries, and various other unsavories that inhabit the barracks of the complex to be unleashed on various temples in Sigil and in other lands.

Source: Morgan Barry

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