Math Mathonwy
Math Mathonwy

Math Mathonwy

Math Mathonwy

The Miser of Sorcery. NE intermediate power of magic (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Welsh)

Symbol: Staff

Realm: Gehenna / Khalas / Corriegrave

Math Mathonwy, the Miser of Sorcery, is a jealous and paranoid power, a stark contrast to the more generous deities in the Celtic pantheon. Unlike Dian Cécht, who uses his skills to heal, Mathonwy is fiercely protective of his arcane abilities and prefers to keep his magical prowess for himself and his kin, doling out his secrets only when absolutely necessary, and even then, only in exchange for some magic he does not possess.

Mathonwy’s realm, Corriegrave, is a place as enigmatic as the god himself. Perched on the first Mount of Gehenna, it nestles under a menacing overhang of obsidian. Travellers brave enough to venture here must dodge occasional showers of lava spewing over the ledge. The journey into Corriegrave leads through a long tunnel, opening up into Corrieton, an ancient city that oddly seems to be open to the skies, unlike the fiery landscapes typical of Gehenna.

Mathonwy’s castle is a twisted edifice overlooking this strange city. Within, the god is invariably found with his feet in the lap of a beautiful maiden. Despite its Gehennan address, Corriegrave lacks the plane’s characteristic volcanoes, lava, and steam, almost giving the illusion of being on another plane entirely. Perhaps Mathonwy is trying to emulate the beauty of Tir na Og, but is too jealous to share a plane, let alone a realm, with the other Celtic powers.

The air in Corriegrave is heavy with a palpable magical energy, a gray charged atmosphere that teeters on the brink of an arcane explosion. This energy is unmistakably marked as Mathonwy’s, and any berk foolish enough to tap into magic within this realm risks the power’s fierce wrath.

In line with his miserly nature, Mathonwy doesn’t share his power with proxies. Those who dare petition him for such a privilege often find themselves transformed into beasts, a testament to the god’s reluctance to share his magical gifts. Math Mathonwy’s realm and approach to magic serve as a reminder that not all powers are benevolent or willing to spread their knowledge freely across the planes.

Canonical Sources:

  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p70-71,74,96,127,172
  • Planes of Conflict: Liber Malevolentiae [2e] p28 (brief mention)

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