Stronghold in the Sea of Frozen Flames, Ash

Stoke Ignitio, fire genasi wizard-inventor

Deep in the heart of Ash, a fire genasi, Stoke Ignitio (planar fire genasi wizard [he/him] / N) has gathered an unwilling army of “volunteer” fire creatures to aid him in a strange project. Fire mephits and at least one magically geased fire elemental are attempting to relight the plane of Ash to full flame and return it to the glory of the Crematorium. Ignitio’s got more fire in his belly than most. Too much, if ya ask this here weathered ash-dweller. What? Relight the plane of Ash? Aye, sounds like a pipin’ hot fairy tale straight out of 1001 efreeti bedtime stories.

Apparently Stoke has brewed up a magical fluid so flammable that even burnt-out ash can be made to burn brighter than a succubus’s smile. Pfft, might as well try to put Sigil on a stick and twirl it like a fire baton. Now, don’t get me wrong; chant goes he’s got his minions breakin’ their backs tryin’ to restart the plane’s fires. Even caught the eye of some high-and-mighty efreeti—talk about a risky wager.

As for the natives of Ash? Oh, we’ve got opinions, alright. Cutter, we love our home as stark and barren as it is, but Stoke’s project’s kicked up more smoke than a red dragon with indigestion. Those ash mephits keep buzzin’ ’round like angry wasps, but the Ash elementals—not a word from ’em. I’ve heard some chant that they might actually be missin’ the heat. Longin’ for a bit of the old fire and flame, y’see?

The high-up efreeti bankrollin’ this operation? Ah, that’s the catch, innit? Stoke’s trying to outwit ’em, playing ’em off against each other. That’s like tryin’ to juggle flaming scimitars while balancin’ on a rock in the River Styx; you slip up even a tad, and you’re worse off than a Carcerian petitioner. Sooner or later, those efreeti are gonna catch on, and they won’t take kindly to bein’ the punchline of Stoke’s joke.

Listen, if yer thinkin’ of venturin’ down to the Tower of Rekindle, be wary. If you’re lookin’ to invest in Stoke’s project, be doubly so. Oh, and keep yerself some fire resistance on hand—Stoke’s homebrew might just make you spontaneously combust. But if you’re lookin’ for somethin’ more excitin’ than the endless grey of Ash, a trip to Rekindle is your ticket to fireworks.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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