Gate town to Arcadia

Nemmiron, Gate Town to Arcadia

Nemmiron is Lunia’s gate town to Arcadia. You’re talking about a place where order and structure are as regimented as a modron’s geometric shapes. This burg’s sitting pretty on the coast of the Silver Sea, like keeping watch over the celestial pathways. There is no port here however; the locals aren’t so keen on visitors because they bring trouble. And that gate to Arcadia? Well, it’s a sight to behold—an glowing arch of black granite with veins of gold, looking like a portal to paradise itself.

Now, when you think about a town on the doorstep of Arcadia, you might imagine fields of eternal bliss and serenity. But hold on to your celestial socks, ’cause Nemmiron ain’t no dreamy paradise. It’s got a militaristic vibe that could make even a stern archon blush with pride. Picture disciplined rows of archonic guards, patrolling the streets like clockwork, their wings rustling in perfect unison. The Celestial Host here runs like a cosmic symphony of celestial bureaucracy, smooth as a on ooze mephit.

Now, you might wonder how all that structure affects the personality of the burg and the archons who police it. Well, lemme tell you, cutter. Nemmiron’s got a sense of purpose that’d make a paladin shed a tiny tear of joy. Every citizen’s walking in step, every task is executed with precision, and every decision is made with a logical clarity.

As for the Celestial Host, well, they’re like the embodiment of that lawful energy. They’re the ultimate cosmic lawkeepers, guarding that Arcadian gateway like a formian guarding her grubs. They’ve got a sense of duty that’s sharper than a sword, and they’re all about maintaining the celestial order. You break a rule in Nemmiron, and you’re gonna face Consequences, berk!

The Gate to Arcadia

So there you have it, traveler. Nemmiron, the gate town that’s runs like a perfectly orchestrated performance. Just remember, when you step into the burg, make sure your shoes are shined, your thoughts are in line, and your actions are as organised as a Guvner’s itinerary. Because in Nemmiron, chaos isn’t just frowned upon—it’s practically illegal.

Canonical Reference: Planes of Law: Mount Celestia (2e) p32 (brief mention)

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