Port Veracity
Port Veracity

Port Veracity

Port Veracity

The Mosques and Minarets of Port Veracity

Port Veracity is the realm of Hakiyah the Honest, the power of truth seekers. The burg is a windswept sea port, nestled on the shores of the Silver Sea of Lunia. Imagine a place where the sea breeze carries whispers of truth and secrets yet to be unveiled. The sea glistens like a thousand polished mirrors, reflecting the stars and twin moons. The sand beneath your feet, silver and soft, stretches out to meet the gentle sea. It’s like the realm’s been kissed by the very essence of honesty, caressed by an ocean of clarity.

Port Veracity isn’t just a name; it’s a promise. A bustling marketplace springs to life like a symphony of commerce, where goods and ideas flow like tides of revelation. Traders from all corners of the multiverse gather, exchanging not just coins, but also truths and insights that can shape destiny.

And what’s a Zakharan-style port without a mosque? Imagine a grand place of worship, a minaret rising like a beacon of faith to pierce the heavens. Here, the faithful gather to seek solace and guidance. The mosque is the centre of community in the burg, where even the non-believer visitors can find truth.

Port Veracity is something of a wandering realm. It is usually found in Lunia, but has also been encountered in Arcadia and Mechanus on occasion.

If you find yourself in Port Veracity, breathe in the winds of clarity, let the silver sands whisper secrets to your soul, and embrace the teachings of Hakiyah as you navigate the boundless waters of the multiverse.

Source: mimir.net, Planescape fansite A Tiefling’s Exultation by Alex Roberts (archive link containing information on the church)

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