Bahamut’s Palace
Bahamut’s Palace

Bahamut’s Palace

Bahamut’s Palace

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

This palace is the realm of of Bahamut, the Draco-Paladin, Lord of the North Wind, King of Good Dragons (need I continue?), and it is an impossible, beautiful, surprising place. Somehow – and the dark of this isn’t even known to other powers – Bahamut’s Palace shifts at a whim on a whirlwind through the first four layers of Mount Celestia. Or perhaps it exists in all four simultaneously. Whatever the truth, it looks completely different on each later and that’s just downright confusing. Cutters, even using a divination spell to ask where the Palace is just gives the cryptic answer ‘behind the east wind’. Thanks for nothing.

Chant goes that the palace is built from his treasure hoard. On Lunia, the palace is made from silver with transparent diamond windows inlaid with ivory. On Mercuria, the structure shines with the purest gold, with inlaid copper patterns. Venya’s palace is pearlescent and mostly translucent with turrets inlaid with gemstones of all hues, while the palace on Solania is carved from the shining crystal of the plane, inlaid with mithril runes. On all four layers the Palace is situated on the banks of the Shimmering River, so named because it glitters like dragon scales.

Imagine a tower that stretches up to touch the heavens, gleaming like the purest silver. It’s got cavernous chambers and halls where Bahamut’s enormous faithful gather to praise his name, and each room is more lavish than the next. The walls are adorned with carvings and frescos of dragons performing heroic deeds and scenes of justice prevailing over wickedness – enough to make a thief feel a pang of respect, if only they weren’t too busy trying to lift a gem or two. Speaking of that, a warning: Bahamut’s palace ain’t an easy mark for sneak-thieves and scoundrels. Ancient golden dragon proxies of Bahamut patrol its halls and count the treasure. Cross ’em, and you’ll find out just how quickly a breath weapon can spoil your day.

In case you ever need to sweet talk or flatter your way out of a bind, it’s worth knowing their names. Bahamut’s proxies are: Borkadd the Claw, Kurya the Eye, Sonngrad the Wing, Gruemar the Voice, Marroshok the Tail, Troannaxia the Presence, and Urgala the Fang.

The Platinum Spire is more than just a fancy nest, though. It’s a place of counsel and wisdom, where the most favoured followers seek Bahamut’s guidance on matters both mortal and divine. Those who dare to enter should be prepared to have their intentions laid bare, for the Platinum Dragon ain’t one to be fooled by deceit.

As well as foolish catburglary or seeking draconic wisdom, there’s a third reason to pay a visit to Bahamut’s Palace. Since it’s present on four layers of Celestia at once, a canny body can walk in the door in Lunia, act very polite and definitely not steal any treasure, and then leave through a doorway out into Solania. This makes Bahamut’s realm extremely useful to travellers of Mount Celestia who simply don’t have the time for all that self-improvement and purification claptrap that the plane otherwise tries to impose on travellers. Even better, there are said to be two-way portals to the Plane of Air and the Astral Plane in the castle as well. These are of course guarded by warden archons, so don’t forget to bring a decent garnish to smooth things over. Again, for diplomacy/flattery purposes their names are Yonel, Kerkoutha, Moriel and Ruhiel.

If a cutter is using the place as a shortcut remember the three golden rules. 1. Don’t steal the treasure. 2. I mean it, don’t steal the treasure. And 3. Don’t steal the treasure berk, what are you suicidal or something?

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Non-Canon References:

  • Bahamut’s Palace on the excellent Forgotten Realms wiki
  • Some interesting ideas on Bahamut’s palace on the Tyranny of Dragons pages
  • Tom Costa’s essay on Bahamut from on the 90s Planescape fan site “A Tiefling’s Exultation”, now sadly defunct – this is a link to an archive which may or may not continue working

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

Bahamut’s Palace on Solania


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