River Eridanus
River Eridanus

River Eridanus

The River Eridanus

Planar Pathway, the River of the Heavens

The River Eridanus flows from Mount Celestia to join the Oceanus in Elysium. Known as the River of the Heavens, or the Astronomers’ River, its surface sparkles with motes of light, and during the dark hours it can be seen many leagues away sparkling like many stars. Rising in Mertion at the small town of Alpha Eridani, it flows down the Mountain as far as Epsilon Eridani in Mercuria, where it crosses into Buxenus in Arcadia at one very obvious point. The first town it reaches in Arcadia is named Zeta Eridani, and it flows across the plane and into Abellio (against all intuition, this means it should be flowing uphill, but the topology of Arcadia is such that it always seems to find a downward slope to link two points). From Mu Eridani in Arcadia it flows, some claim, through the Cordant Plane of K’un Lun, and thence into Amoria in Elysium, and then finally down to Eronia where it flows into Oceanus at a village called Omega Eridani. The river is inhabited by strange radiant beings that remind those primes who understand space travel of gonn and constellates, although they’re smaller by far.

Source: Alex Roberts


        1. George

          Nice. And it kinda makes sense (as much as you can make sense in this overgod-forsaken multiverse) in the Great Wheel cosmology, since it’s the way to get from Elysium to Arcadia without touching Bytopia and Celestia

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