Ragathiel’s Fortress
Ragathiel’s Fortress

Ragathiel’s Fortress

Ragathiel’s Fortress

Ragathiel’s Fortress, a hunk of steel and valour smack dab next to the Prime Vallation. This ain’t no airy fairy palace of clouds and harps, oh no. This is a fortress forged from the guts of determination and the sweat of celestial brows. It stands sentinel, guarding the Prime Vallation, Heavens Gate and the upper slopes of Lunia—and therefore Celestia too—from those anything who’d love to despoil the pristine mountain.

Imagine a colossal hunk of steel rising from the mountainside, like a defiant finger raised to the Lower Planes. Silverwhite steel walls that gleam like polished shields, catching the light of Lunia’s twin moons and casting it back in a blinding display of radiance. Towering spires reach skyward, like the blades of valiant warriors standing guard. The celestial architects truly blended strength and beauty into this massive masterpiece.

But let’s not stop at the walls. Oh no, there’s a moat, and not just any moat—this one’s made of pure, shimmering light. It’s like a river of starlight flowing around the fortress, warding off any fiendish nonsense that might try to sneak its way in.

Iif you’re looking for extravagance, you might be disappointed. This fortress ain’t about fancy frills or golden tapestries. It’s all about function, with battlements ready for the archers of the Celestial Host to take aim, and gates sturdy enough to withstand a gaggle of goristro with battering rams.

And right there, at the heart of it all, you’ll find Ragathiel himself, standing tall like a beacon of celestial might. It’s his fortress, his domain, and he’s got the kind of aura that makes even the fiercest fiends take a step back.

So there you have it, a fortress that’s like a celestial anvil, forged from steely virtue, ready to repel down anything the fiends lob its way. Just remember, if you’re going to visit, bring your eyeshades, ’cause the radiance coming off that fortress can dazzle a solar.

Canonical Sources:

  • Chronicle of the Righteous [Pathfinder 1e] p21
  • Heaven Unleashed [Pathfinder 1e] p7
Ragathiel’s Fortress


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