Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Now asking about Titansgate, you’ve chosen to delve into the rich history of a place steeped in myths and the birth of time itself. Picture this, a burg with an origin said to stretch right back to the early days of creation. It’s a place hewn from the very stone of the mountain by the magnificent hands of the titans themselves. No small feat, that, and the craftsmanship is just something else, a marvel that takes breaths away, even from old souls like meself who think they’ve seen it all.

Now as you step into this enormous city, you can’t help but feel, well, a bit diminutive, I’d wager. The place was built for sods of an altogether different scale, the mighty titans, beings of such grandeur and stature that everything here is just, well, colossal. Structures tower over you, vast and ancient, hewn from the living rock with a skill that speaks of beings able to could shape the world itself with their bare hands. It’s grand, I tell ye, and walking through it gives you this sense of wonder, like being a small part of something much, much larger than yourself.

But amidst the staggering size and grandiosity of it all, there is a gentleness, a care that permeates the place. The titans, defeated, yet not downtrodden, have given this burg a sense of guardian spirit, of watchers over ancient paths and sacred duties. The few remaining immortals who dwell here have taken on the role of keepers of the Path, safeguarding the path up through Lunia through eons, a solemn duty borne with a grave, yet kind, determination. 

Now, what catches everyone’s eye, and trust me it’s hard to miss, is that mesmerising statue that looms over the burg, a sentinel in stone with water flowing gracefully from its outstretched hands. It is surely a sight to behold, as the crystalline waters catch the perpetual moonlight, creating a spectacle of shimmering silver cascades that envelope the city in a tender embrace. This water ain’t just for show, mind; it’s a constant, nurturing presence, pouring into a grand basin and then flowing generously over the city, bringing life and a gentle, calming murmur that accompanies you wherever you go.

Titansgate ain’t just a burg; it’s a living testament to a time of myths, a beacon of resilience, and a symbol of grace in defeat. It’s a place where the good titans, rejected by the Olympians but not imprisoned in Carceri, continue to play a part in the grand scheme of things, offering shelter and guidance to those who tread the sacred paths. It’s a place of stories carved in stone, and of grace that flows in crystalline streams. It’s a place where the majestic and the gentle coexist in a harmony that is just, well, it’s just titanic. So, give it a visit, take your time to wander its colossally wide pathways and under its truly enormous arches, and perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll catch a glimpse of the ancient, noble spirits who call this place home, as they watch over the realms with eyes as deep and wise as the ages themselves.

Source: Panjatog, expanded by Jon Winter-Holt

The immense steps leading up to Titansgate can be tricky for mere mortals to climb.

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