Heaven’s Shore
Heaven’s Shore

Heaven’s Shore

Heaven’s Shore

Heathen Shore, The Threshold

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Heaven’s Shore, or as some wags like to call it, “Heathen Shore” behind closed wings. Yeah, you heard right. Even in a celestial paradise, they’ve got their drama. Some say it’s the “impious” part of Celestia, but who am I to judge? You’d think a place nestled in the heart of radiant Celestia would be all halos and hymns, but let me set you straight. This is the place where the heavens show their capitalist side, offering to show prime and planar traders alike the value of celestial coin. It’s a heavenly marketplace, where even aasimon and archons can be seen hawking their wares. You want to trade, petition, or maybe just gawk at some winged celestials? Well, step right up, and try not to trip over your own virtue on the way in.

Now, don’t let that name fool you, “Heathen Shore.” It’s got a reputation as one of the more impious spots up here but on Celestia even the bad parts still make the Lady’s Ward look like the Lower Planes. Heaven’s Shore is a gleaming city, all white and pure, like a bleached-out bone only prettier. This place is situated right on the shores of the Silver Sea, and its large safe harbour makes it popular with trading ships. You’ll find folks from every nook and cranny of the multiverse, from djinn to mercane, all rubbing shoulders with the angelic crowd. They’ve even got a council of archons runnin’ the show from the grandiose Hall of Others, making sure everything runs smooth as a well-oiled modron.

It might sound like a prime opportunity to soak in celestial wisdom, but don’t let that halo fool you. Other cutters call it the capital of the Threshold of Heaven, and because it’s one of the easier parts of Celestia to get to, that means all sorts of cutters come here. Remember though, bureaucracy’s the name of the game here. If you ain’t got your papers in order, you’ll be sent packing back to your home plane quick as a couatl. But assuming you can pass through a protection from evil aura without wincing, and through a temple door without being invited, you’ll probably be accepted into the Interplanar District of Celestia. Consequently, it’s one of the few slices of the heavens accessible to all, so if you’re looking to dabble in a divine diplomacy, lap nectar with a hound archon, or just snag some fancy celestial trinkets, this is the place to be. Just remember, even in the heavens, coins make the Great Ring go around, and no amount of virtue will get you a discount on that golden halo.

Canonical References:

  • Distant Realms [Pathfinder 1e] p24-33 (a thorough exploration of the city)
  • Heaven Unleashed [Pathfinder 1e] p4 & 7
  • Planar Adventures [Pathfinder 1e] p158
Being a Burg at the Threshold of Heaven, Known to the Archons as Heathen Shore
Heaven’s Shore

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