Prime Vallation
Prime Vallation

Prime Vallation

Prime Vallation

Consisting of Heaven’s Wall and Heaven’s Gate

The Prime Vallation, oh what a sight to behold. A wall of diamond and pearl that wraps its protective arms around the layer of Lunia like a guardian of cosmic beauty. The wall is not just a barrier, but a work of art. The gemstones are interwoven into a structure that’s a testament to the celestial knack for perfection.

But that’s not all. The Prime Vallation, often called the Wall of Heaven for simplicity’s sake, is more than just a fancy decoration. It’s the second line of defence for the layer, a barrier that filters out to allow only the worthy to pass through its golden gates. And by “worthy,” I don’t mean someone who can juggle fireballs—I’m talking about spirits that resonate with celestial harmony, souls that’d make a deva nod in approval.

Now, imagine this: A seemingly infinite number of golden gates dot the diamond ramparts like celestial jewels. Each gate, like a portal to a different Material Plane world, welcomes petitioners from across the multiverse. The archon guards of the gates consider each new petitioner or visitor carefully, looking for the spark of purity that can be nurtured into a roaring fire by the long pilgrimage up the Eternal Mountain. Julera Twice-Crowned is the head of the Guardian of the Gate, and her decision is final. If there’s trouble, the Fortress of Ragathiel is nearby — no matter where on the Wall the trouble occurs. Clever, that.

Heaven’s Wall

So, if you’re looking to stroll through these gates, be prepared to prove your celestial credentials. The Prime Vallation ain’t just a pretty wall; it’s a guardian of the heavens, a gatekeeper to the celestial realms. Only the worthy may pass. And let’s be honest, gaining entrance to a place like that? It’s like earning a front-row seat to a celestial symphony.

Canonical Source: Planar Adventures [Pathfinder 1e] p159


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