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Div, Ghawwas

The Tainted Waters

NE; CR 10 [PF1e]

Preying upon the serene and vibrant waters of the Prime, ghawwas divs are embodiments of aquatic corruption and malevolence. These monstrous bipeds are a nightmare from the deep, bristling with spiny ridges, coral horns, and needle-sharp teeth, always eager to taint and ruin. They’ve also been known to hang about the River Oceanus, seeking easy targets to torment, and are frequent unwelcome visitors to Thalasia and Aquallor. The holy waters of Lunia are the only planar body of water that they seem reluctant to enter.

Ghawwas divs are fearsome creatures to behold, standing at a towering twelve feet and weighing around 1,200 pounds. Their appearance is a terrifying blend of hulking humanoid, prehistoric fish, and venomous bottom-feeder, making them look as though they’ve emerged from a poisoned sea. With their spiny ridges, coral horns, and needle-sharp teeth, they are a sight to dread.

The Ecology of the Ghawwas

These fiends are full of poison and treachery, thriving primarily in salt water but not restricted to it. They frequently teleport to oases, driven by a perverse desire to defile them or drain them dry. While ghawwas see all mortals as enemies, they bear a particular grudge against peaceable, water-breathing creatures such as merfolk and locathah, often targeting them with relentless malice. On Gehenna, they relax in the spoiled waters, enjoying the raging currents, although of course if any mortal travellers should happen by, the ghawwas will happily torment them too.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Ghawwas are known for their ability to turn any body of water into a vile swamp, corrupting it with their mere presence. Their malevolent influence disrupts ecosystems and drives away or destroys aquatic life, leaving behind a lifeless, toxic expanse. One peculiar yet notable weakness of the ghawwas is their intense aversion to the sound of bells. The tolling of bells fills them with uncontrollable rage, driving them to seek out and destroy the source of the sound, whether it be the bell itself or those ringing it. This odd vulnerability is sometimes exploited by those who seek to repel or combat these dreadful creatures.

Philosophical Musings

Ghawwas divs are the bane of all that is pure and life-sustaining in aquatic realms. Their presence heralds doom and decay, making them one of the most feared divs to encounter near any body of water. Keep your ship’s bell handy—this is one of the reasons all well-equipped nautical travellers are never without one—and hope they’re loud enough to keep these fiends at bay.

Source and stats: Bestiary 3 p87 [PF1e]

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