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Div, Doru

The Whispering Deceivers, the Foul Breath of Lies on the Fetid Winds of Gehenna

NE; CR 2 [PF1e], Creature 1 [PF2e]

The doru, one of the most insidious of the divs, thrives on whispers, deceit, and dark manipulation. These monsters serve as the spies and messengers of div-kind, working to subtly undermine mortal societies from within. Unlike the brute force and overt malevolence of many other fiends, dorus employ their silver tongues and cunning intellects to sow discord, corruption, and ruin.

Now, a doru’s a disturbing sight to behold for sure: A disembodied head with wild, lashing hair and six twisting horns. Its fanged mouth, flat nose, and glowing red eyes complete its terrifying visage. Most unsettling though, is its mode of movement. Preferring to fly, dorus hover at eye level with those they interact with, creating an unnerving sense of intimacy and threat. When grounded, they roll and cartwheel in a chaotic and horrifying manner, their horns bouncing and teeth clattering on the ground.

The Ecology of the Doru

Dorus are the least powerful of the divs, often relegated to the roles of messengers and servants for more potent divs or ambitious (read: clueless) mortal spellcasters. Despite their lack of physical prowess, the true strength or a doru lies in its ability to deceive and manipulate. Dorus weave complex webs of lies, feeding their targets exaggerated news and outright falsehoods to drive them towards paranoia, despotism, and vengeance. The ultimate goal of a doru is not just to corrupt, but to destroy the reputation and often the life of those they pretend to serve.

These fiends have a particular fixation on secrets. Each doru is obsessed with a unique topic, whether it be the history of a specific mortal lineage, intricate riddles, mathematical puzzles, or even the latest local gossip. Their obsession can drive them to enter into bizarre and often dangerous bargains to obtain the knowledge they crave—and this weakness can be exploited, if a cutter is able to identify it.

Methods of Manipulation

Dorus are masters of subtlety. They use their magical abilities to spy, eavesdrop invisibly, and charm their way out of trouble. Their tactics often involve creating distrust among friends and allies, pushing their targets into making disastrous decisions. Even when a doru fails to completely corrupt a target, they’ll aim to weaken the individual’s resolve, making them more susceptible to future corruption.

Their manipulative nature makes doru prized by evil spellcasters, who may seek them out as familiars. A doru’s knowledge and cunning can be invaluable to a wizard seeking forbidden power, but wise bloods know that these fiends are notoriously unreliable. Dorus despise mortals and find it difficult to maintain long-term loyalty, often serving for a few decades at most before turning on their masters. Only the most profound and tantalising secrets can secure a doru’s servitude for longer.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While dorus are not formidable in direct combat, their true power lies in their intelligence and ability to manipulate. Their magical abilities can make them excellent spies and informants. They can infiltrate secure locations, gather sensitive information, and subtly influence events to their advantage. However, their obsession with secrets is a double-edged sword. This compulsion can lead them into dangerous situations and makes them vulnerable to being outwitted by those who understand their nature.

Their greatest weakness is their inability to maintain their complex deceptions indefinitely. The layers of lies and manipulations they construct often collapse under their own weight, leading to their eventual downfall. Moreover, each doru has a specific compulsion or flaw, making them predictable to those who can discern these weaknesses.

Philosophical Musings

In the grand scheme of things, dorus represent the insidious nature of secrets and the destructive power of unchecked ambition. They serve as a dark reminder that the quest for knowledge and power, when pursued without morality or caution, can lead to ruin. Their existence is a manifestation of the idea that some truths are better left undiscovered, and that the cost of certain secrets may be too high to bear.

Dorus embody the concept that corruption often begins with a whisper, a seemingly innocuous piece of information that, once planted, can grow into a force of devastation. Wise bloods will realise the doru represents a cautionary tale for those who seek power at any cost.

Source and stats: Bestiary 3 p86 [PF1e]; Bestiary 3 [PF2e]

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