Aquallor — Ossa
Aquallor — Ossa

Aquallor — Ossa

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Aquallor — Ossa

Arborea — Layer the Second

The Land of Eternal Bliss, The Plane of Passions

The layer of Aquallor/Ossa is a place of exploration, voyage and maritime quests. It’s a sea of pirates and beasts, where there be monsters in the blank spaces of the maps. There are cities of merfolk, lost floating islands of legendary magic, defended by fearsome creatures. It’s a plane that embodies the concept that life is a daring adventure, or nothing.

Locations of Aquallor — Ossa

  • Caletto (realm of Poseidon and Amphitrite)
    • Coldcurrent (realm town)
    • Corilla (realm town)
    • Pearldrop (realm town)
  • Elavandor (realm of Deep Sashelas)
  • Elshava (independent burg)
  • Hope of a Better Tomorrow (Anarchist burg)
  • Mount Aetna (planar pathway)
  • Mount Ossa (planar pathway)
    • Tlalocan (realm of Tlaloc)
  • The Primeval Abyssal (secondary realm of Nun and Naunet)

Powers of Aquallor — Ossa

  • Amphitrite (Greek power of sailors)
  • Deep Sashelas (Elven power of the sea)
  • Nun and Naunet (Egyptian power of water)
  • Poseidon (Greek power of the sea)
  • Tlaloc (Aztexc power of the rain)

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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