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Div, Pairaka

A pairaka div utilising its ability to change shape

The Corruptors of Unbridled Lust

NE; CR 7 [PF1e], Creature 7 [PF2e]

Pairakas, the embodiment of unbridled lust and corruption. They are blue-skinned, humanoid fiends draped in revealing attire, with sultry gazes that suggest all manner of debased pleasures. These seductive divs rarely reveal their true, grotesque forms, which are marred by rashes, boils, and pustules. Instead, they adopt alluring shapes to worm their way into mortal relationships, using their charm to destroy bonds of friendship and love through emotional and physical corruption.

The Ecology of the Pairaka

The true form of the pairaka div

In their true form, pairakas are a foul sight, with blazing rashes and oozing pustules that reflect their corrupt nature. However, they often cloak themselves in more attractive guises to better seduce and corrupt their victims. Standing about six feet tall and weighing around 150 pounds, pairakas use their appearance and charm to manipulate those around them, fostering obsession and jealousy.

Pairakas are masters of seduction and manipulation. They infiltrate mortal lives, subtly sowing discord and mistrust. Their ability to adopt attractive forms allows them to gain the confidence of their targets, making it easier to instigate jealousy, obsession, and betrayal. Pairakas thrive on perversion and take great pleasure in turning lovers against one another and destroying friendships. They savour the slow torment of their victims, feeding off each broken heart and disappointment. They use lust and sexuality as their primary tools, exploiting taboos and carnal appetites to sever relationships and spread disease. By charming their victims into physical contact, they not only ruin emotional bonds but also transmit physical afflictions. These fiends are carriers of diseases like the bubonic plague, which are spread readily by skin contact, whatever form the pairaka has assumed.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The primary strength of pairakas lies in their seductive abilities and their power to corrupt and spread disease. Their charm and guile make them effective at infiltrating and undermining relationships. However, they have a notable weakness: an aversion to the colour red. Pairakas cannot stand the colour, refuse to wear or touch it, and avoid places painted with red hues. When faced with creatures garbed in crimson, they are compelled to attack them first.

Philosophical Musings

Pairakas serve as a dark reflection on the destructive potential of unchecked desire and the fragility of mortal relationships. Their existence shows the ease with which trust and affection can be twisted into suspicion and enmity, and they remind us that the bonds of love and friendship, while powerful, are vulnerable to the insidious forces of lust and jealousy. Their bread and butter is ruining relationships and shattering trust of friends and lovers, a true blight on the lives they touch.

Source and stats: Bestiary 3 p88 [PF1e]; Bestiary 3 [PF2e]

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