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Div, Akvan

Hunters of the Djinn, Slayers of Marid, Bane of Efreet, Destroyers of Dao

NE; CR 20 [PF1e]

Akvans operate as solitary predators, driven by their insatiable hatred for genies and contempt for their allies and minions. Rarely encountered on Gehenna, the akvans roam across desolate landscapes of the Inner Planes and the Prime, seeking out symbols of beauty and wonder to destroy. Despite their solitary nature, akvans sometimes gather in small groups to plot against their enemies or to complain about their perceived foes, although such alliances are often short-lived due to their inherently hateful disposition.

The Ecology of the Akvan

Society among akvans is virtually nonexistent, as they are driven primarily by their racial compulsion to hunt and destroy genies. However, those who prove exceptionally lethal in their pursuit of genies may catch the attention of Ahriman and be transformed into akvan princes, gaining increased power and influence among their kind. These akvan princes become even more formidable predators, leading to greater devastation wherever they roam.

Akvans have a significant impact on their environment. Their presence often leads to widespread destruction and devastation, as they target not only living beings but also natural and man-made wonders. Their actions disrupt ecosystems and leave behind trails of ruin.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Akvans are among the most physically powerful divs, adorned in ornate armour and possessing immense strength. They carry out Ahriman’s plans for destruction and ruin with zeal, targeting monuments and beings of wonder for obliteration. Masters of destruction, they promote the creation of ghuls from slain genies, extending their evil beyond death. Akvans command blasphemous undead servants, arising from the battlefield or emerging from their gullets as profane slaves.

Their racial compulsion drives them to hunt, destroy, and consume any genie they encounter, often leading them to act recklessly in pursuit of their targets. Despite their immense power, they avoid combat against obviously more potent foes, opting for cunning tactics when brute strength isn’t enough.

Philosophical Musings

Akvans embody desolation, ruin, and blasphemy, their twisted minds harbouring deep hatred for gods of creation and beings that inspire art and wonder. Unlike other divs who focus their cruelty on mortals, akvans extend their scope of hatred to include genie-kind as well. Their destructive nature seeks to bring down symbols of hope and dreams, transforming their most hated victims into ghuls, ensuring their evil persists even beyond death.

Source and stats: Bestiary 3 p85 [PF1e]

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