The Night Lord, The Blade in the Darkness, The Stalker Below. NE(CE) intermediate power of darkness, thieves (He/Him)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: A red crescent moon with a skull between the horns

Realm: Gehenna / Krangath / The Night Below

One of two major interloper deities in the orcish pantheon, Shargaas was not raised to divinity by Gruumsh, though he will heed the call of the One-Eyed God more often than not and deigns to maintain good relations with his peers. Shargaas is the orcish god of night, darkness, stealth, thieving, assassination, and the undead. A cold, calculating, and territorial god, he dislikes Luthic’s claim to caverns, which he believes should be his by right as places of darkness; he also resents that Yurtrus creates and commands undead creatures, though he would never say it to Yurtrus’s face. The Night Lord has a general contempt for life as a whole, and is very pleased to play a part in extinguishing it. Shargaas is something of a problematic deity in the pantheon; while Gruumsh values his skills and unique abilities, his portfolio is entirely antisocial and disruptive to orcish society. Shargaas refuses to join the rest of Gruumsh’s court in Nishrek, and the One-Eyed God is just as happy to leave the Night Lord at arm’s length.

In truth, Shargaas himself doesn’t know how he rose to power or where he came from—a talented thief, he stole the facts of his own origin and sold them to Ilsensine in exchange for a certain secret. The nature of this knowledge is something Shargaas does not disclose, but it must be noted that he established his current realm in Krangath only after this bargain was sealed. Shargaas enjoys stoking fear among the orcs as much as among their enemies; fear of that which lurks unseen just out of darkvision range, fear of that which lurks further below the earth than orcs should dare to dig. 



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