The Athar Guide to Trickster Powers
The Athar Guide to Trickster Powers

The Athar Guide to Trickster Powers

The Athar Guide to Trickster Powers

by Burbank and Corsica Ralopolis

Let’s rattle bone-boxes about the trickster gods, the sly coves of the divine realms. Some of these barmy powers are cosmic jesters, always up for a laugh, even if the joke’s on them. Or at least, that’s how they want to appear. Underneath the playful exteriors, are cunning and calculating knights of the post, shrouding their machinations in a cloak of tomfoolery. At least, that’s what we Athar reckon about them. Let’s put a few of them to the test.

First off, we’ve got to talk about Loki of the Norse, the prince of pranks and the king of chaos. This berk is as slippery as an ooze mephit in a barrel of lemure grease. He’s the sort who’d sell his own mother for a lark, and then steal your breeches while you were counting out the coins. Shape-shifting, scheming, and always two steps ahead, Loki’s the kind of power that makes you check twice before you sit down, lest you find your chair covered in nails, a snake, or a portable hole.

Then there’s the Coyote Lord; a real character, that berk. He thinks the Beastlands are his playground and everyone else is just a bit part of his latest jape. Coyote’s a crafty one, known for his cunning and trickery in equal measure. One minute he’s the hero, the next he’s the goat, often even getting caught by his own traps. If there’s a pie on a windowsill, you can bet your last green that Coyote’s trying to get his paws on it.

Amongst the Olympians, we need to talk about Hermes, the fleet-footed messenger. He’s not just about delivering missives; he’s the power of thieves and trickery too. Hermes is the kind who’d pinch your purse and then earnestly help you look for it. His first day out of the cradle, he nicked Apollo’s cattle, then played the innocent like a pro. Crafty as they come, Hermes is a rascal knight of the cross trade blessed with a golden tongue.

In the Japanese pantheon, there’s Susanoo the storm god,who’s a bit of a tearaway if there ever was one. Brother to the sun goddess Amaterasu, he’s known for his tempestuous nature and love for mischief. For example chant goes that one day, he throws a heavenly tantrum, chucking a flayed horse into his sister’s weaving hall. Talk about a family feud. Susanoo’s the sort who’d start a storm just to watch and laugh while mortals scamper about like frightened squirrels.

And of course there’s the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, bane of the Celestial Bureaucracy, a proper rogue with a heart of gold… sort of. Apparently born from a stone and as cheeky as they come, he gained immortality, and now battles dragons, and causes mayhem in the heavens. He even pinches the peaches of immortality from the Jade Emperor’s garden. Cheeky monkey, indeed. He’s the sort who’d swipe the coins from your purse and replace ’em with pebbles, just for a giggle.

A firm favourite of the gnomes, you’ve got Garl Glittergold. This jolly chap is as fond of a good prank as he is of gold and gems. Known for his legendary humour and trickery, Garl’s the sort of god who’d replace your battle-axe with a rubber chicken and find it high-larious. He’s a pint-sized master of mischief, always ready with a twinkle in his eye and a trick up his sleeve; more of a good natured trickster than some of the rest.

Then there’s Olidammara, the Laughing Rogue of Oerth. This cutter is the patron of rogues, bards, and jesters, and he’s as slippery as they come. A lover of wine, women, and song, Olidammara’s the life of the party, but he’s just as likely to pick your pocket as to pat your back. They say he’d steal the sun if he thought it’d make a good joke, although his followers are as likely to prank you as to pilfer your prized possessions.

Then finally there’s old Zagyg, an eccentric and enigmatic archmage who somehow ascended to godhood; if you ask us it’s because he wields some kind of uncanny influence over the multiverse. Now, if there ever was a berk who could pull a prank, it’s this cutter. Zagyg is known for his unpredictable nature and his frankly bizarre sense of humor. One minute he’s bestowing unimaginable power on a sod, the next he’s turning you into a toad for a giggle. His antics are as legendary as his spells, and on the Outlands, mentioning his name is as likely to bring a smile as it is a groan.

While not all trickster powers are in the mold of Loki or Coyote, these berks still all display traits of cunning, playfulness, and deception in their own towering way. They remind us that even the so-called gods play their games, and mortals and immortals alike are sometimes their pawns, sometimes their playmates.

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The Trickster Powers

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