The Great Mother
The Great Mother

The Great Mother

The Great Mother

The Princess of Beholders

Greater power of magic, fertility, tyranny [She/Her] / CE

Pantheon: Beholder

Realm: Abyss / Eyenabella (6th layer) / The Realm of a Million Eyes

The Princess of Beholders is a being of pure chaos, a maelstrom of eyes, each with a power that can rend flesh, warp reality, or worse. And yet, with all that power, she’s a mother too — though don’t be expecting any warm hugs and kisses. For starters, she doesn’t have arms! Ah, I jest. Nah, the only thing warm about her is the fiery rage that burns in her being. It’s said she gave birth to all the beholderkin, an endless line of tyrannical eye tyrant species, each more vicious and paranoid than the last, spewing from her like a fountain of nightmares. 

Ain’t no family reunion at her place, no siree. The Great Mother’s got a streak of ruthlessness a mile wide. Take her son, Gzemnid, for instance. Now, I ain’t one to gossip, but chant goes that the berk had a personality sourer than a sack of lemons, a real unpleasant cutter. And even though he’s her own flesh and blood, she booted him out of the layer without a second thought, chased him out like a stray dog, and made sure he never dared to come back. 

And speaking of her harsh rule, ain’t no other power dares to take a step in her territory, no ma’am. She’s got a temper that could boil the seas and a wrath that could shake mountains, a real force of nature, she is. It’s not just about being harsh though, she’s cunning, a master manipulator, with a network of eyes that sees all and knows all that transpires in her realm. Some say she can send spying eyes burrowing through the Abyss and into other layers. If you ever see a single eye in the gloom watching you cutter, there’s a good chance it belongs to the Great Mother.

She’s a force of nature, an unyielding, implacable entity that rules her domain with an iron… eye? Well, you get the gist. Her layer is her fortress, her playground, a place where she indulges her every whim and enforces her will with a cruelty that would make even the staunchest of fiends think twice. If you ever find yourself in her layer, I’d advise treading very carefully, cutter, ’cause the Great Mother ain’t one to suffer fools, and her gaze is one you’d do well to avoid. It’s a harsh, unforgiving place ruled by a harsh, unforgiving deity, where mercy is a foreign word and pity a forgotten concept. So, if you’re thinking of paying a visit, you better think twice, thrice, and then probably just forget about it for your own good.

Sources: Jon Winter-Holt,

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