The Athar Guide to Primordials
The Athar Guide to Primordials

The Athar Guide to Primordials

The Athar Guide to Primordials

by Burbank and Corsica Ralopolis

Once the Creator Gods had their fun, playing with cosmic clay and whatnot, along came the Primordials, elder beings who are as old as the dust of the planes. These ancient ones are said to have emerged from the primordial soup, the elemental chaos, or whatever dark corner of the multiverse was fashionable at the time.

Take Tiamat from those ancient Mesopotamians, a dragon goddess who’s more mood swing than deity, birthing and then battling gods like it’s going out of style. Or Cronus from the Greek lot, who had a nasty habit of swallowing his children and then vomiting them back up again—talk about family drama!

Take a turn to the Inner Planes and you’ve got the likes of elemental princes, like Olhydra of water or Imix of fire. These are beings who reckon they’re the embodiment of the elements themselves. Bit egotistical, if you ask us, thinking you’re the be-all and end-all of Fire or Water.

These primordial entities are the kind of grandparents nobody wants at family reunions. They’re often credited with birthing the powers, or shaping them from the raw stuff of the universe. But let’s be honest, most of these tales sound like they were spun after a long night at the on the bub, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

So, here we are, peering back into the mists of time, at these so-called ‘first generation’ deities. Were they truly the architects of the divine lineage, or just the first ones to crawl out of the cosmic muck and declare themselves important? Let’s keep poking around in their ancient business and see what else we can uncover…

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The Primordials

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