Eight Happinesses
Eight Happinesses

Eight Happinesses

The Eight Happinesses

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

The Shichifukujin, the Eight Gods of Happiness

In a hidden Lunian valley embraced by mist-shrouded mountains lies the Eight Happinesses, a realm of tranquillity and enchantment. The temple complex is known as a sacred sanctuary that the Shichifukujin, or Eight Gods of Happiness have created as their shared realm.

The entrance to the realm is a grand gate framed by ancient cherry blossom trees which shed a soft silver glow and make soft gong chime sounds in the breeze. As you step through the gate, you’re greeted by a serene pond, its surface reflecting the surrounding weeping willows. I say ‘weeping’, but actually they sound more like they’re crying with laughter. That could come across as creepy, but actually it’s really quite charming. Even the giant orangesilver koi carp that dwell in the pond seem to be enjoying themselves. They tell the best jokes. Oh, did I forget to mention they talk?

Across the pond stands a series of interconnected pagodas, each dedicated to one of the Eight Gods of Happiness. Ebisu’s pagoda is adorned with fishing nets and treasures from the sea, while Daikokuten’s is covered in images of prosperity, his magical mallet resting nearby. The pagodas of Benzaiten, Hotei, Fukurokuju, Jurōjin, and Bishamonten are equally resplendent, each reflecting the unique character of the Shichifukujin.

At the heart of the temple complex stands a grand central hall, where the enigmatic Kichijoten resides. The hall’s intricate architecture evokes beauty and abundance, with elaborate woodwork and vibrant murals depicting scenes of joy and harmony. Kichijoten’s presence fills the air with a sense of grace, as if the very essence of beauty has been captured within its walls.


As you wander through the temple gardens, you might stumble upon a sacred deer enclosure, where a herd of gentle cerynitis deer roam freely. This is where Fukurokuju is said to spend his time, watching over the deer and imparting his wisdom to those who seek it.

The temple complex is not just a place of worship, but also a hub of festivities and celebrations. Pilgrims and visitors frequently gather to honour the Eight Gods of Happiness, offering prayers, participating in rituals, and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. Lantern festivals light up the night skies, and music and laughter fill the air during these celebrations.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

The Eight Happinesses, the Realm of the Shichifukujin of the Japanese Pantheon.

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