Ilithyia, Nekhbet, Midwife of the Gods. CG lesser power of childbirth (She/Her)

Pantheon: Greek (as Eileithyia), Egyptian (as Nekhbet)

Symbol: Unknown

Realm: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus / Eilethyia’s Infirmary and Arcadia / Buxenus / Heliopolis (Nekhbet’s Sanctuary)

Known Proxies: Iris (demipower of rainbows)

Eileithyia is a kindly, motherly goddess, who is said to watch over mothers in childbirth and determines when they can be delivered. Hera has often quarreled with Eileithyia over the illegitimate offspring of Zeus. Hera feels that the women who tempt her husband away should suffer as much as possible, whereas Eileithyia wants to alleviate suffering. The kindly power is an ally of Apollo and Artemis, at whose birth she was midwife. Her realm on Olympus is a pleasant, airy temple-like building, reknowned for the skill of the healers there.

Amongst the Egyptians, she is known as Nekhbet, the goddess of the Upper Kingdom, and appears with the head of a vulture. Her realm in Arcadia is very similar in style and function to that on Olympus, and the two are linked by portals.

Source: Alex Roberts and Jon Winter-Holt

Nekhbet, the Egyptian aspect of Eileithyia

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