Psychopomp, Algea

Habitat: Underlands, Prime

Alignment: Neutral

Challenge Rating: 11

The algea are a unique ensemble of psychopomps—a swirling vortex of whip-poor-wills, their flight patterns weaving through the air like a dance of destiny, trailing streamers of pale blue mist. They’re not just a mesmerising spectacle; they’re guardians of souls adrift, and protectors against the dark claims of the more sinister forces of the netherworld.

Algeas have a singular purpose: to shield and, when necessary, retrieve souls that teeter on the brink of being ensnared by forces beyond their understanding. They are the bane of entities, especially those Great Old Ones liches, fiends and false prophets, who prey on spellcasters—the dabblers in arcane and otherworldly powers who never quite crossed the line to pledge their souls but are nonetheless at risk.

The flock exudes an aura of grief—this isn’t just any melancholy; it’s a deep, consuming sorrow that engulfs creatures near the swarm. This grief is more than emotional; it’s a tangible force, a weight that presses down on the soul, a reminder of the fragility and preciousness of life.

But the algeas are more than mere empathic entities. They possess a unique talent to drain magic, sapping the strength of spells and enchantments that might otherwise ensnare the souls they protect. It’s a defence against the arcane, a safeguard for those souls that linger dangerously close to the edge.

Their most striking ability, though, is to entrap a soul within their swirling mass. Once caught in the midst of the algeas’ dance, a soul finds itself bound, unable to escape by physical or magical means. It’s a protective custody, a way to shield the soul from darker fates until it can be guided safely to its rightful destination.

The algeas, thus, serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between the mortal realm and the beyond. They’re a swirling, spectral force of protection, a bulwark against the predations of otherworldly entities.

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Sources and Stats:

  • Bestiary 6 [PF1e] p217 here
  • Malevolence [PF2e] p70 here
  • Origin: In Greek mythology, the algea were a group of three daimon spirits called Lupe (pain), Achos (grief) and Ania (sorrow). More here.

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